Dear 2012,

You were an amazing year. You brought me my greatest love of all time. You will always remain one of my two favorite years of all time. You marked the year I became a Mama. That alone makes you pretty special.

I had a lot of wishes that I whispered to myself before you were here and I’ve since whispered more wishes for you than I could even imagine. 2012 was full of wishes.

2013 probably won’t be a lot different. I spend most of my days making wishes all for you. Your health. Your safety. Your love. Wisdom to raise you. Patience to parent you. Love to give you.

So tonight, as we set to celebrate our first New Year’s Eve as a Little Family, I think about last year on this night.

Daddy was in NYC with his best friend making a wish for you…..

I sat at home in my ratty old blue bathrobe falling in love with the idea of who you may be.

As I count down the minutes until Midnight and as I kiss your Daddy, I will be thinking of you upstairs in gentle slumber. Soft little snores and your belly poking out of your jammies. I will whisper another wish for a year of blessings and hope and wishes coming true. I won’t be able to hug you or kiss you, but I will hug you from the bottom of my heart and plant the sloppiest, wettest kiss on your first thing tomorrow morning when we celebrate your first NEW YEAR.

To 2013, whatever you may have in store for us this year, please just be gentle. Let us continue to live in our love and let it be a year of growth and kisses.

Happy Twenty Thirteen, my Darling Angel.


ps…would it have killed you to at least act excited about your Party Hat?


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