I love our little family

I say that all the time.

It’s no secret….



I especially love this one….



He’s never been a really cuddly baby, but as he gets older, he LOVES to just lay on me.



and he still takes his best naps on top of me.

I will be sad one day when he doesn’t….

20121218-193748.jpgIt’s a quiet Wednesday here. Daddy is in South Carolina…again…for the whole week and it snowed a bunch last night so it’s just Reeve, Hannah & I in the house. When he wakes up, we are going to go down into the basement and crawl through all of the tunnels I’ve made with blankets…

Not sure what I’m going to eat today. We are down to soup and crackers in this house in attempts to empty out our fridge/freezer and pantry before we begin a 30-Day NO EATING OUT challenge in January.

I got my hair done yesterday. It’s dark so it’s taking some getting used to. It’s also shorter than I like, but I had this random layer that was an inch longer than the rest so we just went for it and chopped it off….it’s just hair, but I feel a little naked without that extra inch.

We are probably going to bake some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon so when Daddy comes home tomorrow night he will have a surprise.

Lame post, we are just in our pajamas all day and it’s one of those days.



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