Sometimes he slips her his carrots or veggie burger.

Sometimes she steals Cheerios out of his fingers.

He giggles.

She licks.

Most times, he torments her. Pulls her hair. Kicks her under the table. Beats her with a newspaper.

Today, he ate a piece of her food out of the dog bowl. He thought he was being sneaky….

She’s just always right there. . She goes everywhere he goes just waiting for droppings. She went from NEVER having human food EVER to having cantaloupe, tofu, apples, cheese and noodles.

Lucky dog. Lucky boy. Lucky family

reading the newspapers with dad 


beating Hannah on the butt with newspaper20121215-095303.jpg

Kirk sneezing and Reeve showing Hannah the morning’s sales (notice blood red breakfast fruit smoothie and crockpot-a-going)



Reeve dropping food and pointing it out to Hannah20121215-095316.jpg

just look at those cute toes20121215-095323.jpg



Pulling Hannah’s hair



2 thoughts on “Torment

  1. Once Emmett gets to real food, I have a feeling Dotte will be that same way….never having human food to getting a taste of every meal Emmett is having!!!

    • Ha ha…poor Hannah just spends her whole day in Defense Mode. She never knows when she’s going to get whacked with something, her hair pulled, chased….it’s pretty funny!

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