As I type this, and many times throughout the day, I find myself singing the George Michaels song….FREEDOM!!!  FREEDOM!!!!

So, I’ve been giving Reeve more and more freedom lately. I’ve noticed that he acts and is so physically different with Kirk than he is with me, and I thought it best that I encourage the behaviors that are developmental milestones.

So, he’s been crawling all over without me hovering over him in fear he will bonk his head on a sharp corner or bust a tooth on the tile floor.

This morning was a special first in that I took my time using the toilet. The doors were shut, drawers closed (he can’t really get into those just yet), dog was out of the room…it was a treat, let me tell you. For the first time in 8.5 months I went to the bathroom without him crying or without holding him.

I came out of the water closet to find him like this.20121205-205639.jpg


Just so happened he couldn’t figure out how to back out of this so I had time to whip out my camera.

Then, later this afternoon we started playing with some toys Ms. Kelsi lent us…

He pulled himself up and stood there.

Notice Hannah photo-bombing yet ANOTHER picture.20121205-205644.jpg

Then, after showing him only once a hidden button on this activity table, he sat and pushed it for over 10 minutes while I inch-by-ince snuck away ALL the way upstairs for a minute to grab something. I was gone for 3 minutes and he didn’t even notice it.

Hallelujah!!!!20121205-205649.jpgHe seems to be growing and changing and observing and absorbing everything!

It’s amazing! I love watching him grow and learn new things and then remember them a day later.

I can’t wait to share the video (a first for this blog) of him running in his walker…yes, RUNNING! His first *steps* and it was a full sprint.

He’s a handfull, that Reeve, but he’s smart as a whip and cute as a button and has a streak of dark hair down the middle of his head and ate asparagus today and played with his Light Saber in the mall and jumped up and down 100 times at lunch and just has my heart.

I don’t care if he has BADD (Baby Attention Deficit Disorder…..I’m patenting that) he’s so much fun! SO MUCH FUN!




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