This year, we participated in an Ornament Swap organized by Micaela from one of my favorite blogs Dolce Vita. You may remember that she posted a Maternity Picture of me on her blog just weeks before she gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Felix.

I loved the idea of “meeting” another blogger and sending a personally-chosen ornament based on the readings of their blog. I was even more excited when Micaela paired hereself with me. We both have babies who will be celebrating their First Christmas this year and we both dote upon our children like only a first-time mother can.

The Ornament Swap has a few Rules:

*ornaments can be bought/vintage/hand-made… whatever you fancy but $10 is the max spend amount because i know it’s about to get crazy with holiday shopping. PLEASE put some thought into your ornament–check out your partner’s blog/links and see what their style is etc.

*DO include a Christmas card for your person. Tell them about your favorite Christmas quote, song, family tradition, or why you chose the ornament for them.

Have fun with this!

Boy, oh boy, did we have fun shopping for her little girl. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the ornaments we sent….of course, I did break Rule #1 and went over my spending limit…I couldn’t help it. Shopping PINK and for a baby girl is so fun I couldn’t make myself stop. Besides, I’ve always liked the “ask forgiveness, not permission” approach to life.

Reeve and I were excited to open our package from Micaela the minute we walked in the door from Florida.



I won’t lie, when I opened the below package, my jaw dropped….then Kirk saw it and his did too.20121129-133919.jpg

Isn’t the Superman onesie the PERFECT ornament for us? Our little man does share a name with the man who played Superman and has owned over 20 Superman onesies in his 8 months on this Planet. I love it.

Also, I had told Micaela that we were having a hard time finding a Baby’s First Christmas ornament that would always remind me of this first year. SHE NAILED IT. She could not possibly have known that the Giraffe is my favorite zoo animal and that Reeve and I stared at the tall creatures for 30 minutes on our first zoo trip. It’s sweet and not too baby-ish…

I love them both.

The candy bar was quite delicious also.20121129-133924.jpgThank you, Micaela for allowing us to participate in the Ornament Swap. It has been so great to get to “know” you over the miles that separate us.

My wish for her, Felix, her cutie hubby and everyone with a newborn baby this year is that you don’t go overboard on toys and presents…but that you embrace the Spirit of the season. Years from now, our babies won’t remember what we got them or how many presents they had under the tree…but the will remember the Advent calendar, the many random ornaments on the tree, the stockings hung, the smell of pine in the candles, the real tree that drops a million needles on the floor, Mommy singing about a White Christmas off key and out of tune….

Please check out her blog Dolce Vita and follow her…and me if you aren’t already!

Happy December First, everyone.



2 thoughts on “Ornament.Swap

  1. Jessica, this makes my heart happy! I had so much fun finding the perfect ornaments for you and feel so special knowing that these will always mean something to you and more importantly, to Reeve. I love the idea of the superman onesie blanket! my jaw dropped too when i found that particular ornament. 🙂 It had your son’s name written ALL over it. I didn’t know about you and giraffes and now i can’t stop smiling.

    We were meant to connect with each other in this particular time in our life. i believe that. i have loved your tips on motherhood and watching your beautiful boy grow.

    Thank-you for your friendship and this darling write up on a swap that means so much to me. That last paragraph– words i needed to hear. ❤

    Happy December 1st to your beautiful family xo

    ps. i just know we'll love ours! SO EXCITED 🙂

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