I’ve said before that if you Google “the sweetest sound on Earth” the search return “Reeve Mooneyham’s laugh.”

Well, today he proved me wrong when I pulled him out of his PackNPlay after a 10.5 hour sleep. He spotted me, smiled and looked straight at me and spoke a definitive MAMA!

No, he wasn’t jabbering, James (dad), he was professing his undying love to me and telling me he is MY boy and melting away just another piece of my heart.

That boy, I tell you, he is my whole world.

Hearing your child say your name for the first time ought to come with a warning! No one tells you that you will want to have the video camera on hand at all times to capture a replay. No one tells you that you might start crying. No one even warns you that it’s just one of many firsts that will change you in a way nothing else can.

I know that over the years he will call me that (and other names) a million times over, but NONE will ever be as special. I only hope that, in the many years to come, I let each MAMA he utters mean something. I hope that I not only hear the word but actually listen to what he is saying.

Damn, I love that kid with the scrunch nose and whose body just collapses into mine and who gives me the oooiest, gooiest kisses and who sometimes bites my leg.



4 thoughts on “Mama

  1. Oh Jessie! That is just fantastic. I am so excited to find out how/why/when Emmett utters this precious word. I know how AMAZING it was when Peyton (Coder’s little girl) yelled “Sarah!!!” so I can’t even imagine how I will react with my sweetheart 🙂

    • It was so sweet. Kirk was lying there with me and just looked at me and said “yep….” He’s said Dada and I know that dada and mama are their first words b/c they are just learning to jabber, but it felt so amazing!

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