I don’t love Legos b/c I stepped on a small one once and damn near died!

My brother loves them. His kids love them. They have a Lego room in their house.

So, when we drove to Downtown Disney this week while visiting Kirk’s family, we stopped in the Lego store.

Reeve had fun looking at all the colors. He sat on the Lego table and played with them.

He LOVED the Lego Doggies…he kept pounding his hand in the air and yelling “Nah!!!”  “Nah!!!!” Which is how he calls Hannah every morning.

I was giggling at how cute he was when I noticed him sucking on his mouth. I thought it odd and when I looked in there found a Lego head!



Not sure when he snuck that in there, but yet another reason I don’t love Lego!

Also, I know this is my fault as I should’ve had my eye on him the WHOLE time, but he’s a fast little sucker! I honestly have no idea how he had the time to do it in the time I wasn’t looking!20121127-132727.jpg



He did NOT, however, love this Mickey Mouse hat…

and yes, folks, he is wearing that outfit on purpose. I think it’s a bit Dutch myself, but it just screamed Mickey Mouse with the red stripes and all!

I know, I cannot help but coordinate him to every situation!20121127-132745.jpgReeve has inherited a few Lego/Duplo sets from Cousins Jack & Will and he loves the red big block so much he carries it around with him and it’s made it to the Dinner Table. Tonight he just had to hold onto it.

Random post…I’m tired!
I held him for 4 hours while he slept on the plane and I’ve already unpacked and I had a glass of wine earlier and…..





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