I won’t lie, when I perused the aisles for pajamas in Size 12 Months, I started looking at the one-piece, zipper jammies.

Something about a one-piece pajama with footies in that size (add in the puppies and teddies) looked silly….not to mention, I couldn’t bring myself to buy him anything in a size that meant he was almost ONE YEAR OLD!!!!

I put off buying any.

Then, for about 5 nights in a row, as we tried to put Reeve in his pajamas after his bath, he started FREAKING out! He would buck and arch his back and scream and try to roll away. Getting him into his pajamas became a 2-person job that involved distraction by way of dancing, toys and bribing (yeah, that worked).

So, when I noticed he was definitely ready for some new pajamas b/c his all were brown around the neck from drool and banana stains, I set out to find a pair of….ugh…2 piece pajamas.

My heart sunk each time I found a pair I liked. How is it possible he’s old enough (or big enough) to be in size 12 months?

I bought 2 cute pair and must admit it’s much easier to get him ready for bed each night. However, as you can see, his little behind and belly don’t hold the bottoms up and the first night he wore them his pants were around his knees when he woke up.



3 thoughts on “Jammies

  1. I Feel your pain here as we shopped for jammies last weekend! My barely 4 month old is in 12 month clothing as well 😦 I find it very sad they grow so fast especially considering she will be my last baby. Can’t even shop in the same section as the “baby” clothes as they stop at 9 months! Anyway, we found super cute, comfy & light weight (she sweats a lot!) footie jammies at the
    children’s place!

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