it’s hard not living in Kansas. It would be a dream to live close to my mom and dad, brother, sister in law and her kids, my best friends….

But I would miss those mountains out my back door. I would miss our sunsets and trails.

The good news is, it’s only an hour flight (and usually around $150) to fly home.

This was Reeve’s fifth trip to Kansas but his first surprise attack. Mom (Don Linny) was so surprised when we walked in the door she didn’t even know who we were…it couldn’t register. I had just gotten off the phone with her about 30 minutes before and told her we were meeting Kirk for lunch.

She’d kill me if I posted the video, but lets just say there were a LOT of tears.

Here is Reeve at the airport waiting and watching the planes.
br />;

Sitting like a big boy, flirting with the little girls nearby

And my favorite bc you can see his long eyelashes in shadow.

he’s exhausted from all the attention he’s gotten today and keeps looking around for Hannah.

I always forget how spoiled he is after a trip to see family, he never wants me to put him own as is…when we get back its even worse.

As they do day though, that’s what grandparents are for.


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