does Reeve PLAY!

I just can’t stand how adorable it is.

I creep to the stairs going down to the basement to listen, thinking the screams I hear are b/c he wants to be picked up and Kirk is busy watching football or baseball, but he’s screaming b/c he’s having a BLAST!

NEVER does Reeve play with me the way he does with Kirk. He just wants me to hold him anytime I am near. He’s not a huge cuddlebug, but as long as he is in my arms, he’s right where he wants to be.

Basement + Daddy = crawling 10 feet & baseball & pounding on the walls & jumping up and down and toys strewn everywhere..

He won’t even sit in my lap like this…I am both jealous and SO extremely happy how special these two are to each other.20121112-202005.jpg

An added bonus to these two playing together is that the toys and mess made throughout the day ALWAYS gets cleaned up when I swoop down at 7:30 to start the bedtime routine upstairs and Kirk (anal retentive cleaner who makes the bed EVERY single day…sometimes he will even make it a 10pm just before we crawl into to) cleans up.20121112-202010.jpg

Reeve also listens better to Kirk.

See him crawling towards the Space Heater below? When I tell him NO he barks back at me. When Kirk tells him NO, he stops in his tracks! We’ve got to figure that crap out, and like SOON!



The picture below is a memory I will always cherish.

This baseball tee comes with a red bat, but it’s up in the carseat b/c Reeve likes to take it with him to bang on. Instead of the bat, he’s using the microphone which sings Spanish as a bat.

Kirk kept showing him to touch ball to bat.

Reeve picked it up and repeatedly touched the ball to the bat, knocking down the tee each time.

KIRK WAS SO PROUD!!!!20121112-202021.jpgI have tons of video of these two playing together. I just love them.

I am so grateful that Kirk and Reeve have such a great bond. It didn’t develop really until Reeve was about 4 months old, but I am so grateful that Kirk loves this time each night. I know how hard he works during the day and I see him stressed, so I used to worry that taking the advice of a friend to just hand Reeve over to Kirk the minute he walked in the door would only add to his stressful day. But, it’s had the opposite effect. He LOVES his time with Reeve and looks forward to it each day. He constantly remarks that he loves that Reeve is getting old enough to actually play now.

If I had one piece of advice for new moms it would be to make sure your husband gets a LOT of alone time with baby.

If nothing else, just so you can take secret videos from the top of the stairs and laugh when you play them back over and over and over.



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