Nightly, I look forward to the hour or so after dinner and the kitchen is cleaned up where I send my boys downstairs to burn some energy out.

I can hear them from the kitchen and even all the way up in our bedroom. Reeve is grunting and squealing, Kirk is encouraging him to crawl. It’s really sweet.

Last night, I faked a headache so I could take a bath and get the boogers and trails of snot on my arm off my body. I thought I heard Kirk bringing Reeve up to me so I laid flat on the floor beside the bed where he couldn’t see me and rolled as much of my body under it as I could.

Then I laughed at the sight.

Then, when I wasn’t looking, Kirk brought him up to me. I really wanted more of that time alone…until I saw his big toothy grin and we snuggled and hugged and he goobered my cheek (kiss).

He’s such a BOY! Wild. Loud. Dirty. It scares me, I don’t like loud or dirty, but I sure like that boy.

a picture Kirk texted me from the basement of Reeve. He texted “I workout”…..I laughed and wet myself a little



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