Lately, our days have looked a lot like this around here….(minus the lush green grasses and sands of Hawaii)

I don’t even want to complain about that b/c, honestly, it’s not that bad….ever.

Even on our absolute WORST days, life is freaking amazing!!!! Even when his lip is pouting so much it’s still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

It just doesn’t feel right to complain….EVER!!!

But if you are reading this and think that it’s all hunky dory around here, just know that we have a lot of lip-pouting, screaming and kicking, biting days too! Lately he fights me every time I change his diaper. He barks at me when I tell him NO! He throws books that I give him back at me. He is a monster, a cute one, but boy…whew…he is a lot of work these days. The floors are messy, the knees of Reeve’s pants are a reminder of that. He’s fussy and teething and cries and screams a lot. I haven’t washed my hair since Saturday. I have to talk like Julia Child to get Reeve to lay even somewhat still for a diaper change. The baseboards have a layer of dirt on them. I haven’t cooked a healthy meal in months.

But, even when my son is a Teething Monster covered in banana and boogers with fingernails like talons and diapers that smell like Butternut Squash and baths marred with farts (yikes) and teethmarks on my arms and dirty floors and toilets that haven’t seen a wand in who knows how long and empty gas tanks, even then, I can’t bear to complain because I love every minute of it.

a haiku …written in a town called Haiku…..for reeve….while in Hawaii

Roadrunner baby
Quit screaming and go to sleep
Mama is tired


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