…and I don’t mean the obvious.

These were taken on a beach about halfway into what would become a SEVEN hour roundtrip in the car. I’ve said it before, there is a reason no one talk about The Road BACK from Hana.

We tried to stop every couple of hours to stretch our legs once we realized this journey was a lot longer than we expected.

It was flat out dumb to get the baby naked and let him roll around in the sand for a photo opportunity with 3.5 hours left to drive. He hand sand in his neck, his ears, was eating it by the handful, peed in it, got his banana in it….

whatever, how ridiculously cute is this butt? I had to pinch his cheeks against my arm to find any cellulite on his body. I think I am going to print this out big and hang in our Water Closet where just we can see it.

This belly….aaaagh!

He’s concentrating on something in this one below…hmmmmm

I mean, come ON!  

It was a long trip, but in hindsight (ha ha….get it?) so worth it for the darling pictures of this darling butt!!!!


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