It’s really lovely to come home to excited neighbors who want to hear all about your trip.

It was a wonderful 7 days. VERY different from any vacation Kirk and I have ever taken before. It involved a bit of “work” with a baby and wasn’t as adventurous as I am used to. Relaxing? Hmmmmm…….I think we all know the answer to that.

Here is a highlight reel from my cell phone pictures.

We stayed in Maui at the gorgeous Westin Ka’anapali Villas and are so grateful we did as we were able to pack lightly knowing we had a washer and dryer. The only “downside” was the hotel intercom on our 3rd night warning us of the impending Tsunami that would strike in 4 minutes…3 minutes…2 minutes…Needless to say, That was not relaxing.

Reeve absolutely LOVED the ocean, any body of water for that matter. He splashed away in the pool and jumped in the sand anytime we had him near it. My big boy….he was so sick of being coated in sunscreen and hated his Rash Guard shirt, screaming anytime he saw it coming his way.





I was able to try Paddle Boarding, something I always thought looked so peaceful. WRONG! It was a workout! Why did I think it would be so peaceful? Whew boy! I don’t even like the ocean. I’m not scared of it, I just don’t like the idea of falling into it and swallowing salt water. I’m glad I tried it though.20121031-205918.jpg

I was so tired at the end of my hour that I could barely even carry my board ashore.


Reeve really enjoyed his Hawaiian shirts like Papa Jim (these were Jack’s when he was a baby). He did NOT, however, love me taking so many pictures of him (as you can see by the look on his face).


Every morning, Reeve was awake and ready to go by 5am so we decided to do the 7-hour round trip called The Road to Hana…while beautiful, there is a reason no one talks about the Road BACK from Hana. He was great in the car and slept nearly the whole way, but I was so irritated that the trip took so long I was in a bad mood. I did enjoy stopping in Hana to drink fresh coconut juice and Reeve was able to have a sip of it too.20121031-205943.jpg

Reeve’s favorite toy on the trip was this little wooden Big Bird toy from Aunt Connie. Each time you tried to take it from him he would bard at you.20121031-210005.jpg

He also hated his Puppy Dog hat (also from Aunt Connie) and would pull it down or off and throw it each time he wore it.20121031-210013.jpg

“Hey Mom, get a load of this guy.”

He LOVED the luau and was wild! It was all I could do to hold on to him as he jumped and watched the dancer and performers. 20121031-210021.jpg


I had one cocktail (the brown one, a Mai Tai) and it was so strong I could barely choke it back. I had originally considered weaning Reeve so I could drink on this trip and am so glad I didn’t. Who cares about blue and pink drinks?20121031-210034.jpg

Family Picture.20121031-210043.jpg


He was exhausted and fell asleep on the walk back to the car.20121031-210101.jpg

I LOVE this picture. His shirt is messed up, his mouth open and snorning, and he looks chunky!20121031-210108.jpg

Another early morning out on the beach. Here we are watching the sunrise.20121031-210115.jpg

Silly baby spent a lot of time sticking his tongue out at things.20121031-210123.jpg

By day 3 on Maui, we learned how hard it was to take him out to eat for supper and grilled fresh fish out on the hotel grills and watched some gorgeous sunsets. 20121031-210130.jpg

Sleepy baby, the ocean made him sleep 10+ hours each night.20121031-210151.jpg

My little monkey. I have no idea how he did this, but he was able to grasp any tree or pole with his arms/legs and pull up and hang on. I said that if he were a girl I would be worried. It’s kind of his party trick.20121031-210159.jpg

Monster. He cut THREE teeth while we were on this vacation, all on top!20121031-210207.jpg

I was able to see a Sorority Sister who was also vacationing on the island!


On our last day, we drove over to the Wailea side of the island. See this spike in Reeve’s hair? Kirk did that and we will NEVER do it again. He was downright wild this day. I blame it on the spike. I tried to smooth it down with water and it kept popping up. 20121031-210235.jpg

Look at my big boy teeth!20121031-210246.jpg

I still love the name Reeve. We met a couple of newlyweds whose last name was Reeve and had a server at a restaurant whose name was Reeve. I found that coincidence poetic.20121031-210253.jpg

On our last 2 days, we stayed at the Moana Surfrider Hotel on Waikiki. It was the most gorgeous hotel we have ever seen.

On yet another 6am day, we decided to hike Crater Diamondhead. Below is a picture of the longest stretch of stairs (99) and my big boy dangling from my neck. He’s so big he’s almost half of me. People don’t believe me that he’s only 7 months old. THis hike was hard to begin with, even harder with him in his carrier.20121031-210303.jpg




Pearl Harbor.


The funniest thing…

The Japanese tourists were OBSESSED with Reeve. He had his picture taken with about 5 of them, they would ask if they could touch him, play PeekaBoo with him (silently) and just were so happy to see him!


We went on our second snorkel trip (the first out to 20121031-210349.jpg










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