I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers

Anne of Green Gables

Don’t the colors of our earth right now humble you? I believe it’s God whispering at us, telling us to stop and look at the beauty He has given us.

Sometimes it’s as obvious as the color of the trees. Sometimes it’s as obvious as the face of your child. Most times, though, He wants us to practice enough self-awareness to just appreciate how precious this life is without Him having to show us.

October has been a wonderful month. We’ve had Kirk home the whole month, my birthday, great weather, great neighbors…and now we are off for a little family vacation to the island of Maui. If the October in my life doesn’t make me take notice of how blessed my life is, I have no doubt the ocean will.

It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I imagine on that day I will be saying Thanks for a whole lot.

I may make some random posts in this next week, but if not, just know I am lying by the beach looking at the bluest waters and my boys and feeling grateful for everything.

I just hope the hardest working man I know can actually RELAX and not work.

I’ll see you in a week!


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