I have only been to the Denver Zoo twice. I haven’t loved it, haven’t hated it…just haven’t cared.

But let me tell you, taking Reeve to the zoo for the first time on this gorgeous October day, I fell in love with it. I walked around imagining that I was seeing these amazing creatures for the first time through his eyes. I found myself tearing up at his excitement. THough he can’t talk, I could just see how badly he wanted to try. His hands were going crazy, waving at things, pointing….

A giraffe? What the hell is that? It kind of looks like these shoes mommy has, it’s tall like her, it always has it’s back turned to me….20121018-164116.jpg


I like those….that Polar Bear kind of looks like Hannah. In fact, I think I will pant at it like I do her and maybe it will swim over to me!



I don’t like that big thing….I don’t know why. I can’t hear it. It doesn’t do anything but lie there, yet I know it’s scary.20121018-164134.jpg

Oh, I like those fish. They are silver and the light in their water is so shiny….let’s park the stroller here and just stare for awhile.



I really like the otters. Mommy told me that she does too. They sleep holding hands with their mate so they don’t get separated!20121018-164150.jpg



Oh My Gosh! I love turtles!20121018-164203.jpg

Time for the Elephant Show. Groucho is 80plus years old and weighs over 12,000 pounds. He picks up apples and sweet potatoes with his trunk! Hey, that’s what I eat too. I’m just gonna hold onto mommy for awhile…


Ha Ha ha….This was the first thing we saw when we walked into the zoo. It made mommy laugh, but I don’t know why.20121018-164222.jpg

This is what a Dyk Dyk looks like!







Look, Mommy! Best friends!!

Aren’t they pretty?


Alright, People!

This shit is about to get real!

I had told Reeve before we got there that no, we would not see a Jayhawk. They are very rare, special birds that very rarely are seen. They are like leprechauns… if you are ever fortunate enough to see one, then you are blessed for life and it’s your duty, your destiny to carry forth the love of all things Jayhawk.

Um, hello!!!!

Right after I took this picture, my iPhone died…


I think not!


Yeah…..We will be going back to the zoo. Next time, I will take a real camera so I can capture the look on Reeve’s face when the gorilla named Big Jim stares him down or the Capuchin monkey taunts him. He really liked the hippos and the mountain sheep.




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