Reeve has had a cold since Monday so we have just been lying low in the house, trying to fight this bug off before we leave for Hawaii on Tuesday. Yesterday, Kirk and I got our flu shots and now I am sick….sore throat and a slight cough. No biggie….

So, needless to say, we haven’t had anything really post-worth happen to us this week.

It’s Friday though, which makes me happy. Tomorrow I am taking pictures of my friend’s pregnant belly and Sunday we are going with some of the neighbors to the Pumpkin Patch. Today, I just will fill you in on what’s going on in my head.

WATCHING: unfortunately, more baseball….ugh! Over it. Between Kirk’s season and professional, we watch baseball longer than it takes to bring a child into this world. Also, The Voice and whatever else is on after Reeve goes to bed as I make sure the only TV he sees or hears is baby-friendly. I miss my talk shows but don’t want a kid who knows who The kardashians are before he knows the alphabet. I did, however, watch this great ESPN documentary in a series they do called 30 For 30: No Place Like Home. Josh Swade made it his mission to bring the Original Rules of Basketball, written by James Naismith. It was full of passion for a sport, a team that I love and I found myself missing Kansas, ready for basketball season and hoping Reeve grows up loving the RCJH like I do.

LISTENING TO: Reeve snore. Hannah snore. The laundry machine tumbling. I can’t stop listening to Florence & The Machine. I’m a little late to hop on the bandwagon, but I imagine if there are angels singing in Heaven she is what they sound like. Here are my two favorites that I play all the time!

THINKING ABOUT: How gorgeous are the leaves this year? It looks like the trees are on FIRE! This weather is the stuff dreams are made of. We did our family portraits recently at a park near our home and the backdrop doesn’t even look real. Also, dreading the long, cold winter months ahead. I hate being cold and I hate being holed up in the house, unable to go anywhere. Reeve and I are going to have to come up with some projects or indoors things to do….which also got me thinking about a project I found out yesterday I am going to get to spearhead with our Community Association.

READING: everything by Dorothea Benton Frank. She is a fiction writer who writes about all of the small islands around Charleston. Each book is about a different island, yet all of the characters of each book make an appearance in each book. Since we may be making a temporary move to Charleston (should find out soon), I started reading her books while I was there last thinking it would “prep” me for Southern Living. I don’t think anything could though. I am a Yankee through and through. Southern women can’t cuss like I do, or if they do, they do it behind your back…

LOVING: My new diamond stud earrings Kirk got me for my birthday. What a surprise!!! I wasn’t expecting anything like that, but he said he really wanted me to have diamonds since I was such a good mama. Sweet! The family pictures my friend Erin took of us. Busting out the cowboy boots for the season.CROCKPOT!

ANNOYED WITH: I just added this one after trying to decide what to come up with for LOVING. I am annoyed that my Skinny Jeans from the GAP stretched out so much and my ass crack is constantly showing. I asked the saleslady before buying TWO pair at $70 each if they would stretch and she assured me they would not. It’s been over a month now so I don’t feel comfortable returning them, but I’m annoyed. And my neighbor who hasn’t planted their backyard sod after TWO years despite living in a very “strict” HOA that we pay an extremely exhorbitant amount to each month.

MAKING ME HAPPY: Reeve…..sigh. Is this how every parent feels? Is it even possible to have bad days? I don’t have a lot of them. And, truthfully, when they are “bad” they are still amazing! I know it might seem like this blog is all about how great life is and never talk about how it can sometimes be stressful, messy, tiring, etc…but that’s b/c when I sit down to write a post, the bad stuff doesn’t matter.

OBSESSING OVER: a new dining room table and chairs that I get to pick out in a few weeks. I have had my eye on the Basque table from Crate & Barrel, but can’t seem to find the exact chairs I love to go with it. It’s really the least important decision ever to be made, but I want to host some holiday parties and have guests

WORKING ON: Retouching all of the Fall photo shoots I did for old clients and friends and family…..


WISHING: Reeve would quit biting my nipple. Time would slow down, he’s getting too big. Someone would mop my floors. The damn neighbors would do their yard. I would win the lottery. It was the weekend.

EATING: Like crap….I don’t even want to talk about it. I am hungrier as a Breastfeeding mama than I was the whole time I was pregnant. I feel like I eat like a trucker. The good news is that I am back down to pre-Reeve weight, reason enough to BF!

Have a good weekend, everyone!



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