I don’t care if your house is messy, that doesn’t bother me one bit. I promise. I don’t care if your kids underwear is on the floor, your bra hanging from the ceiling fan or your dining room table is covered with crap. I don’t have enough time in my day to care what your house looks like.

But I can’t stand when my house is a mess.


I don’t have a cleaning lady, although that was on my list of birthday wishes, but I can’t wrap my brain around needing to pay someone to do a job that falls under Stay At Home Mom’s job descriptions. I have had one come over if we are having a party or when I was pregnant, but I ended up frustrated that I had to sit in the basement while she cleaned my bedroom or dissatisfied with the streaks left on my cabinets and thought it was just a waste of money.

Plus, we are pretty clean to begin with so the only real thing she would have to clean is the floors (kirk’s job), the tub and shower (which I LOVE doing) and the baseboards (which we just sweep).

I wish I weren’t such a control freak and could embrace the help, but I just like to do things on my own. And I’m damn stubborn!

I don’t really have time in the day to clean everything so I always have a clean bathroom and messy floors. Or a clean kitchen and a messy closet. But who cares?!?!

I would rather spend my time playing and cuddling than saying my house is spotless. With that being said, part of the reason I like to clean is because I like setting goals, making lists and crossing things off of them.

I can finish more in the 30 minutes Reeve naps than I ever thought possible. So I decide to come up with 31 Days of Clean projects.

Here’s my list.

Not working any more, I have really enjoyed these small goals bc they actually challenge me…yes, in a very small way, but these are the things around the house that bother me and whole no one else would probably even notice I get frustrated with.


Like my list?

It has given my great satisfaction to cross so many things off.

There are some days, and some projects, that can’t get done in the course of 1 day. The Closet Cleanout took three….however, several of the smaller ones I could knock 2 or 3 out in one day.

Some examples of things on the list include: clean high chair and carseat thoroughly, organize garage, clean out all of Reeve’s dresser drawers, coat closets, Goodwill trip, organize books, clean nightstand drawers, throw out old socks and undies. Ha ha, I even have a “Organize Cleaning Supplies” project.

Here is the pile of Work shoes I moved from my closet to a spare bedroom closet. I titled this image “In Another Life” as I don’t have a reason these days to wear red heels, tortoiseshell heels, purple velvet heels, glittery heels….you get my point.20121010-095346.jpg

Here is my makeup drawer before.

(ha…my neighbor saw this Before picture and said, “Your makeup drawer is really organized.”20121010-095353.jpg


(I should probably get rid of that one eyeshadow that has no lid and almost gone, but it’s my favorite and they don’t make it anymore.20121010-095359.jpg

And the BEFORE of our top drawer in the bathroom.


4 things of deodorant and dental floss exposed to the world….and let’s not even talk about the fingernail clippings *Someone* always has becasue *Someone* forgets to shake the nail clippers out before putting them up.20121010-172927.jpg


Yes, I bought kitchen silverware trays at the Dollar Store and used those..20121010-172932.jpg

Anyway, we got a lot of these done this weekend. We cleaned out the spare bedroom that houses SIX pieces of luggage and the garage is organized and has much more room now. I cleaned out all of the kitchen drawers and now have just 10 or so items left on my list.

I am dreading #30 and #31.

Give Hannah a bath and clean out basement storage. We have sooo much wedding crap down there and 2 jogging strollers I was given as well as a double stroller for….someday?

There are at least 20 picture frames from my old studio and thousands of CD’s of kirk’s. We just keep putting it off. I will take a before picture, but most likely, this project will happen in a few weeks as I need kirks help and he keeps distracting me every time I try to get him to help with a movie or Ice cream or a walk. He’s sneaky!!!

So, overall, it’s been kind of fun to throw away old stuff! I still wish I could make myself justify that Cleaning Lady b/c I simply just can’t find the time to sweep and mop the floors like they need to.



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