Every day he gets stronger and stronger.

It both makes me so happy to see him getting bigger and breaks my heart at the same time.

On my 33rd birthday, Reeve sat up for the first time on his own. I have been practicing this all week with him. At a visit to the Pediatrician on Wednesday, the nurse practitioner asked if he was sitting up yet. I said, “no” and she gave me a “heh!?!!”  You know, the sarcastic one that almost sounds like a cough.

I gave her back a “well, if I ever put him down long enough to learn he could probably do it, but I just can’t stop cuddling him…..”


So, we worked on it Thursday and Friday and in addition to the diamond stud earrings he (and Daddy) gave me for my birthday, he gave me this little trick.

isn’t he just beyond perfect?

I mean, his hair curls just enough that it’s goofy and his belly is round and his feet are long and, sure, EVERYTHING goes straight into his mouth…..

and I’ll be damned if it isn’t just heaven.

He reminds me daily why I was put on this Earth.

It’s sprinkling outside and I can hear him in the basement squealing and playing with Daddy while I *pretend* to be upstairs cleaning so I can have some time alone and it’s all I can do not to go down there and grab him….

What a wonderful little family I have.

And what a BIG, strong little boy I have.





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