People always say, “he looks JUST like his dad!”

and I love it.

It makes me happy that this little boy who LOVES me looks like his daddy. It gives me hope that someday he will LOVE him the way he LOVES me….since I am with him 99% of the day, feed him, change him, play more with him, I AM HIS WORLD!!!

But, he looks like his daddy so they have this bond, you know?

I hear it at least once a day, sometimes up to 5 times…

But, you know what?

Here’s a little secret….

he doesn’t really look like Kirk….

he looks like me!

If you didn’t believe it before, here’s some proof for you.


Yep….I think it’s just because he’s a boy and because I dress them alike, but they don’t really look alike.

Do they?

What’s your vote?


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