Reeve can’t really express what he wants quite yet unless it’s more food, more mama, more Hannah or a diaper change.

So, I thought I would share with you MY wish list for Reeve….

With Christmas items appearing in all the stores, I have been really keeping an eye out for toys he would like that are bright, colorful, educational and SAFE!

I don’t love plastic toys that light up and beep and bop. We have some and Reeve loves them (obviously) but I prefer the old fashioned wooden toys or toys that require imagination. Also, I think they will last longer. Note: I am NOT concerned about BPA or toxins, this kid gets licked by a dog that eats her own poop, I just am my father’s daughter and like old toys. 🙂

He’s loving the 2 wooden puzzles we have right now. He picks the large animal pieces out of the base and I practice teaching him hippopotamus versus hippo, rhinoceros versus rhino….

Here is his first item:

The Imaginarium Activity Walker from Toys R Us.

I am OBSESSED with this toy. Don Linny already knows she is to get this for Reeve. I love everything about it, and in fact, check the online availability quite frequently just to make sure they still have it. I LOVE IT!

As far as what we are getting Reeve for Christmas, I have already picked this baby up at Target. Their B. Toys are so freaking cool it’s ridiculous! I would take every single thing they have for him. Starting with the Zany Zoo. I have this on Reeve’s From Santa list and it’s on Back Order at my Target, but will be in soon and it will be on the 5 gifts he gets from us this year…yes, we are only giving him 5 toys, 3 books and a stocking. It would be easy to get carried away with his first Christmas, but instead we are just getting him 5 really good quality toys.

OneStepAhead is a great online resource for toys too. I get their catalog and just love to look at all the goodies.

I just think Reeve Mooneyham would LOVE this puzzle. What a great way to teach a kid how to spell their name. I know, I know…he’s too young to spell, but I think it’s adorable.

Isn’t this puzzle awesome?

and he really needs this Wooden Spelling Abacus to help with his spelling as well….I love this!

and if he’s gonna spell, he needs to know how to count. Can we have one of Kids Number Exploration Set too, please?

I DIE!!!!
This SwitchBack Racer Toy Track is amazing too!

and this Wooden Pull Toy…I can just see him walking our hallway downstairs with this!!!!

This fishing set from Tada Shop is pretty dang sweet too!

Do you remember the version of this Walk ‘N Roll you had when you were a kid?

And I’m pretty sure, after seeing this in a window in Lawrence, someone in Kansas is buying this Rody Horse for the boy too!

This Wooden Pound & Tap Bench is darling as well!!!

and lastly, go to Etsy and put in the words “Wooden Toy” and Reeve wants any of it.

I mean it!!!! I could spend hours upon hours looking at the wooden toys on there that people make.

ESPECIALLY these custom wooden family peg dolls from Pegged.

Okay, so those are on MY wish list, but whatever…Reeve will share.

COMING SOON!!! Reeve’s Christmas Wish List: Book Edition!!!!


4 thoughts on “Reeve’s.Christmas.Wish.List

  1. Abby has the Zany Zoo and it is awesome! She has had it for 2 years now and still plays with it. I love the Rody animals, and the Imaginarium walker (good idea for us to get Elizabeth for her birthday!). I agree with you about trying to stay away from noisy plastic toys. We have spent so much money in batteries!

    • SO TRUE, Sarah! I didn’t even factor in the battery cost! I just think kids are inundated with technology and noise and lights, they don’t need them this young. When they are 5 they will probably start asking for their own cell phones and video game consoles….

  2. thanks to your post jessica, i bought Felix and my niece Marisol (they’re about 3 months apart so we say they’ll grow up to be bff cousins 🙂 lol) name puzzles! we also got one for my husband’s niece Nora. It was pricey but like you said, quality toys– and the only ones we gave since they’re so little right now. i agreed, what a great way to learn your name. XO

    • Did you get the puzzle or the stool? I think I am going to order that for his First Birthday. We just ordered him some Melissa & Doug Latches puzzles b/c he LOVES to open latches.

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