We are on a great nap schedule these days with Reeve going down 90 minutes after he wakes up from each nap. That’s 4-5 naps a day, people!!!!

And it’s amazing!

I can get so much housework done in the 30-60 minutes he naps. It’s amazing how two neat freaks can mess up a house every day. I know a lot of it is bc I can’t clean up as I go, but whatever….

My favorite nap of the day is the 2:00ish one. It’s his longest of the day at about 90 minutes. And here is why…


Yep, that nap is in my arms. You hear how it’s a “bad habit” to let your baby sleep in your arms and all, but it’s my reminder after scrubbing a toilet at warp speed or putting away buckets of laundry or dusting or cooking ahead for dinner to slow down.

Sometimes I nap with him. I don’t feel guilty bc I try to do it on a day where the house is clean or we had a bad night.

Lately, Reeve’s hands have found my shirt straps.

I find it sweet. He tangles his hand up in them or rubs my chest.

His knuckles are even adorable. This kid, I tell you, he has my heart.


I am so grateful for the napping advice a neighbor gave me. It feels like I am getting a routine of my own down. The book “90 Minute Sleep Solution” has given me back my life…and my clean house.

I highly recommend this book if you are having trouble getting a routine down for your infant. It only took us about 3 days to get this figured out, now I can tell RIGHT away when Reeve is ready for a nap. His eyebrows get red and we head straight to the rocking chair where he falls asleep within MINUTES!!!

I tell you though, we wake up ready to play. See all those toys? And those 90 minutes he is awake, the basement and up looking like a war zone.

20121003-082044.jpgand then, it’s time to clean all over again!



2 thoughts on “Nap

  1. He is a Grimes after all. Will has always wrapped his hands up in my tank top straps. He still does. He calls it my “Goody good” and if I don’t have a tank top on (he especially like spaghetti strap tank tops) he gets really mad. It is the sweetest thing.

    • I feel sorry for his future girlfriends, they are gonna wonder where his obsession with spaghetti straps began.

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