I’ve known all along that these two were going to be the best of friends.

I was a bit hesitant as our dog stinks, she has a tendency to nip at you, she gets over excited, and is much bigger than she actually think she is. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised as Reeve is growing how much she seems to like him.

And he her.

Hannah appears to be pretty protective of him, and always wants to be whatever he is whether it’s in his crib, Highlands Ranch chair (obvious reasons), bed, playing….

And as he gets older it’s pretty interesting to see how eager he is to see her. In our bedroom he seems not to be content unless she’s near, he cranes his head from side to side looking for her.



and this one cracks me up. Reeve and I were playing in his room and Hannah was watching him from the doorway and he kept rolling over to make sure she was still there….20120929-114719.jpg

I love the idea of them loving each other and playing well together…..but…

Oh God, her breathe is awful!


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