I have been reading Micaela’s blog called Dolce Vita for years.

It’s a funny place, this Blogosphere….you “meet” people you have things in common with, witness their personal lives and get to know them, yet you never meet them. I am slowly learning  more and more about the large world of Mommy Blogging and will, soon, share a very special day I had with some others.

You read about their breakups, you remember how you felt when you got engaged when you see the pics of their ring, you feel their heartbreak when they have a breakup, you look at their wedding pictures and smile when you see their sisters, their mothers, these other people you will never meet.

Micaela is pregnant, due in just a week or so.

She’s having a daughter and naming her Felix. Isn’t that precious?

She loves Vintage. Her husband is adorable. She has  a twin.

I know a lot about her.

I’ve never met her.

I probably never will, but I feel like I know her.

So, to see that she chose some of my maternity pics to post on her blog today made me smile.

Click HERE to see the full post of other mommys sharing their bumps on her Baby Bump Virtual Date.


I told her I was 38 weeks pregnant in these pictures but am pretty sure I lied (accidentally) to her. It must’ve just felt like I was ready to pop, but in reality, after looking back, we actually about 35 weeks.

I remember that day so clearly. It was snowing and freezing outside,  yet my body temperature was so hot I didn’t mind being nearly naked for the beautiful images Erin captured of me.

Anyway, hop on over to Micaela’s blog and start following her. I just know, when Baby Felix gets here, her blog is going to have some YUMMY pics of a dark-haired beauty.

Good luck to the Maxhams…

Live in the love.



2 thoughts on “dolce.vita

  1. Jessie, i stumbled on this post this morning while nursing Felix and it made my heart so happy. It touched my heart. Thank-you for being there without even knowing it ❤ it's true isn't it, how we can be so kindred without ever "meeting" (though maybe someday we will!) when i talk to my husband about you or other bloggers, i always say, "My friend so and so" 😉

    i hope you know me and my felix girl are always rooting for you and reeve and we are glad to know you!


    ps. i don't think i ever saw a more beautiful pregnant woman then you.

    • I don’t know about being so beautiful when I was pregnant, but I do look back at those pictures and feel prettier than I remember I did at the time.

      I am happy that I touched your heart, that’s what’s so wonderful about being a mama….you are so much more mindful of the little things that bring you joy and love. It doesn’t take much anymore for me to feel “touched” at the smallest of words or gestures.

      As far as “friendship,” it’s something I work so hard at. It’s up there with being a good wife and mama. I strive to be the kind of friend who shows up on your door with a cup of coffee unannounced when you need it most, who will give you her best and favorite nail polish if you like it…the kind of friend who is there without you even know it. It’s wonderful to hear that other people are the same.

      Live in the love

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