Last night Reeve slept for 11 hours….again (he’s been consistently doing this since he was about 3 months old)…WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

I get to be one of “those moms” who never knew what it was like to have rough nights or get up every few hours….

When I went in to get him, he was wearing nothing but this bow tie!

And because he was so well-rested and because I was so well-rested, we were READY TO PARTY!


You wouldn’t know it by the look on his face, but he was excited and we danced and rolled around on the floor for a full hour before going on our 4th 3+ mile walk this week.

Yeah, he’s a Party Boy alright.


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  1. He is as cute as his name!!! Jessie, thank-you for submitting your GORGEOUS maternity pics- i can’t wait to show your bump off next week on my blog. Wow, you made pregnancy look sexy 😉 and what you wrote was just the sweetest. So glad to have found your corner of the internet! xo

    ps. that bow tie– can’t get enough!

    • Thank you. If you click on the “About the name” page it tells you all about how he was named after Superman. BIG name to live up to. I LOVED being pregnant. I wouldn’t say I felt “sexy” I just felt whole and healthy. If I may, I would definitely advise you to keep a live, ongoing blog post as you are in the hospital. It’s a lot of sitting around, waiting and I LOVE my post from the day we went in to be induced. My post titled “Live From Rom Number 10” is one of my favorite on my blogs. I never intended this blog to become public, but once I did, I found that to be one of my most special posts.

      Can’t wait to see pics of Ms. Felix!

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