Last week, because I desperately needed some ME time, I went to my favorite BellyUp Spa to get a pedicure.

I was so excited b/c this particular spa caters to moms and is an easy place to go to if you have a young one. They don’t use the harsh chemical products that many nail salons use and I can easily take Reeve without worrying about what he’s breathing. (Some of the nail salons I have been in smell like acetone and such harsh chemicals that it’s intoxicating).

Let me just say, however, this was NOT the relaxing Spa Experience I had planned for.

Can you guess why?

Yep, Reeve wasn’t having it in his carseat and I had to hold him the whole time. The Yellow-tub water is from some bath fizzy that he just HAD to watch.

I guess I don’t mind, though….he was a good boy and all the ladies loved him.

They always do.

It’s obvious why…



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