We like to hike. We don’t LOVE to hike, but we like it…and being that we are often awake by 7am, we thought it would be cool enough outside to go for an early hike.

There is something about hiking with an infant that gives me a little anxiety.

No, I’m not worried about the heat or the sun or the hills or the loose gravel or any of that…

I worry about bears and mountain lions. Probably b/c Kirk ran up on a mountain lion in the trails by our home, but also b/c as I am lugging Reeve on my front (or back as you will see in his new backpack) all I can hear is Simon telling me to PROTECT YOUR NECK@!!!!!!

If a bear or mountain lion DOES attack me (granted the likelihood at 7am with about 10 families on the trails ahead of us with screaming kids and dogs is unlikely…but still) how am I going to protect MY neck and Reeve’s neck at the same time?


Also, I worry about snakes. I never did before. I don’t know why I do know.

Well, yes I do…it’s b/c I have a kid! Having a kid means you have irrational fears and anxiety about being attacked.

Oh well, at least we are out the exposing our kid to LIFE!

Day 1 of this 3-day weekend was spent on a short 2-mile hike up near Evergreen. We gave the backpack my brother gave us a try and Reeve LOVED it. He held his head up wonderfully the whole time. He’s getting so strong. He was so alert and curious and just sang out loud the whole time. Every now and then we would stop to let him touch a smooth aspen tree.

Let me tell you something about this hike that sure got us some strange looks….breastfeeding under a fallen tree while sitting on a rock. Ha ha!!! Kirk was a little embarrassed as 5 or 6 groups passed, but as I told him, NATURE!!! THIS IS NATURAL….LET THEM PUT A BLANKET OVER THEIR HEAD!

Here are some pictures of Reeve in his new hiking gear.




I love how his ear is folded down bc the KU hat is too big.


and this one. It makes me flash forward 18 years to my boy in college, backpack slung over his shoulder, baseball hat on….hopefully not with a blank stare on his face though.




Hannah was an asshole on this hike. Truthfully, she’s an asshole almost all the time.

She has to be in the lead, sniffs EVERYTHING, trips you, eats grass, has diarreah on the trail…

ugh….I don’t love her much these days. I like her….I just certainly don’t love her.


and Kirk did most of the heavy lifting?

I just walked around taking about a 1000 pictures of Reeve looking so cute



Afterwards, we had a great burger lunch in Morrison and took a 3 hour nap!

The rest of the weekend was spent at the pool or relaxing…

why can’t every weekend be a 3-day weekend?


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