I am head over heels in love with this little BOY!

Yes, he’s more of a boy than just a baby. He has fuzzy hair and thinks fart sounds are funny. His arms are gangly and he’s kind of stinky sometimes.

He’s a jabberwocky who “talks” non-stop.

He makes funny faces when he poos and he LOVES his mama.

(side note….he is grunting as he sits in my lap and just pooped so loudly he was giggling as he did it. I actually felt it….the joys of a boy)

I have taken to calling him Roo b/c, much like a kangaroo, I think he would crawl inside me if he could. His best naps are in my arms or with his head just under my armpit in the bed.

He’s just pure heaven….

He has taken to sitting (yes, sitting….where does time go?) in my lap while I type. He’s content to watch YouTube and the news and particularly loves Al Roker. He laughs at Hannah Dog every time he sees her. He still eats his toes, but loves to gum on my arm more than anything.

His head is fuzzy with new hair and random long ones that are from when he was born.

Happy Monday, world!

Reeve wants you to know that today is the perfect day to have a perfect day!

…..ps…that poop turned out to be a Level 5 blowout that got on my leg, my bedding and that was running down his leg by the time I called Kirk up to come help hold his arms down so he would quit grabbing his privates.


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