are the BEST!!!!

I am pretty sure, among the many things I inherited from my mother, that loving to bathe babies is right up there.
My sister-in-law can attest to the fact that my mom LOVES to give her grandchildren baths.

Now, I know why.

There is just something SO damn cute about wet, slippery little babies in water.

Reeve blows bubbles and sucks on all of his Alphabet Letter toys, he kicks and splashes and it has THE most amazing effect on him….CALMING!

He gets so proud of himself when he’s in the bathtub!

I love how, every time, it’s like it’s so new to him. He looks around in awe of his toys, his blue washcloth we cover his privates with, his red cup….

I pour the water out slowly in a stream and he gets so squealy and giggly that he can’t grab the water….

I love his little frog towel with bug eyes and frog ears (do frogs even have ears?) that he snuggles up in afterwards.

I love the smell of the lotion on his chubby legs.

I love carrying him sans diaper afterwards…I love pinching his bum and our bath routine/kiss routine….

I just LOVE a wet baby.

particularly this clever little one.


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