I can’t imagine how difficult it is going to be to entertain Reeve when he’s a bit older. It seems as though, at only 5 months of age, he’s already bored with what used to be his favorite toys.

I have a hard time plopping him in front of the TV for anything other than Baby Einstein videos so I can’t turn to the boob tube to entertain my son. He looks at books, but isn’t loving them yet. His playmat bores him. He HATES his swing.

Today I learned what he needs.

A sister?

Ha ha…or a cousin or a playmate or any little girl or boy or a friend.

I am in need of a mother with a child who is willing to entertain him.

Here is is with our most recent houseguest, N.

Her mom is Kirk’s first cousin and, after that, I am confused about what these two really are to each other so I won’t even try. I just know he was happy for the 2 hours she played in his room with him.

She is as smart as a whip, making up the most elaborate stories to any book she opened using words that are far beyond her 3-year-old vocabulary.






N is the big sister to Baby I who is too cute for words. He is 3 months old and gonna be a big, long boy like Reeve.



He has hair just like his daddy.


Reeve liked to climb on Baby I.


We can’t wait to have this whole family back for another night in just 1 week.

…and again in October for even longer.

I wonder who our next house guests will be?

Wanna come over?


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