It would have been really easy to blame it on the baby.

Or not having someone to watch the dog.

Or even Kirk’s baseball game the next day.

I thought about it.

I wrestled with the idea of saying no.

Then, I went online and saw the house.

The EIGHT bedroom house.

We HAD to go.

It’s been kind of crazy in our house lately. Weeks of back-to-back visitors and Kirk has been traveling a lot and had several new committees he’s joined to focus his attention on. We have had to find renters for our property downtown which has taken a lot of work. I was focusing on keeping my milk supply up (it was low there for a while which meant I spent a lot of time pumping).

It’s just been busy.

So, when my friend Tara asked us if we wanted to join her and her husband and a couple of other couples for the night we agreed we needed to go.

We were the only ones with a baby, but as usual, he was pretty awesome.

THIS was the view from the balcony. This house was amazing. It was so big we kept getting lost. Our room was fairly easy to find, but we kept discovering secret rooms and hallways and often had to retrace our steps to get back to where we thought we were.


As much as I enjoyed it, I think Kirk REALLY needed a mountain day.

Sometimes, those mountain days just clear your head. The air you breathe is different, better if you will. It’s refreshing!


He immediately grabbed a beer and a game of Jenga with Doug.

I spent a lot of time on the BIG, comfy couches feeding Reeve….watching everyone else have beers and sit in the jacuzzi! I won’t lie, there were times I was a little envious!


But, they should have been jealous of me…..I had one of these with me.

Totally the best thing to bring on any trip.


Reeve got held by every lady there….did some extra snuggling with Tara who had run the Warrior Dash earlier that morning.


I just love watching my boys. Kirk and Reeve make funny faces at each other and blow bubbles and laugh.


Not our best family portrait of all time, but what do you want?

Reeve was in his pajamas and I was freezing! It’s amazing how after so many 90 degree days, a little 75 degree action can chill you to the bone.


This is Reeve in Doug’s Warrior Dash hat.

Needless to say, he wasn’t loving it.


The next morning, after a VERY restless night of watching Reeve roll from back to tummy to back to tummy a hundred times, Reeve and Doug did their morning stretches.

I was exhausted. Reeve’s Pack N Play was about half the size of his actual crib and every time I fell asleep, I woke up to find him wedged into the corners. I worried he wouldn’t be able to breathe and spent the whole night waking myself up to make sure he was.


We had the best, most refreshing time. I felt great coming down that mountain. A little sad that it was only for one night, but I was breathing a little easier.

We live an hour and a half from the gorgeous Ski Resorts people from all over the world spend thousands of dollars to visit, and yet we don’t take advantage as much as we would like. It’s on my list.

I didn’t get to ski last year b/c I was pregnant, but am committed to 3 trips this year. We have friends who also have a newborn and it would be so great if we could all go together and take turns with the babies.

Now it’s Monday and we have yet ANOTHER set of family coming for the night. I am excited to see Kirk’s cousin and her family.

Hopefully, I can find time to put the sheets on the bedding and wash the bathtub….

and hopefully this week will be a little calmer so I can get back to writing on here every day and maybe a workout or two


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