I come from a family of readers. We LOVE to read and we read FAST!

I can honestly finish a book in a day, sometimes I read two a day.

Who am I kidding? That sentence above should all be in past tense. With the kid, nothing happens that fast. There is a basket of laundry just beside me on the floor that’s been sitting there (clean) since Monday.

Anyway, we read…and that passion started for me with Story Hour in the small town I grew up in. I started going when I was just weeks old b/c my brother (4 years older) was going. I loved it. I still remember going and I remember being a kid and getting SOOOOO excited for Book Fairs, BookIt, the library and as I was in High School I spent an hour each day as Librarian’s Aide then went on to work in the book department at a local Music/Book store for years.

So, when I found out our library just 2 miles away has Story Hour every day for 2 & Under kids, I was all over that!

Reeve is obviously not able to follow along yet with stories and spends most of the time looking at the other kids and us silly moms singing and making noises, but it’s a wonderful way to introduce him to words and books.

He loves lying on the colorful rug and playing with all of the germ-infested toys.

And I love those germ-infested toys too. Germs are GOOD people…obviously I am not going to let my kid lick the floor or anything, but I am not about to wipe off every surface he comes in contact with. That, in my opinion, creates an anxious child with paranoia about invisible things he can’t see or touch but could kill him?!?!?!


He likes to roll back and forth looking at the boy dolls and black baby dolls and redheaded baby dolls and blonde baby girl and then the boy again….these dolls are creepy to me.


He loves to look at the simple pages of board books.



and, yes….I let him lick this dirty ball. Big deal….yes, it has germs and a million little kids have probably also licked it, but it was for all of 6 seconds.


and the best part about this particular Story Hour later in the week was Don Linny & Papa Jim making faces at him. They came along to see how he did and it was fun to watch them watch him.

now, how do I get Kirk to come along and make silly faces at him and secretly take a bunch of pictures of him so I can post them on here?

And….does anyone really remember the words to Little Bunny Foo Foo?


One thought on “Story.hour

  1. “Little Bunny Foo Foo
    Hopping through the forest
    Scoopin’ up the field mice
    Bop ’em on the head!
    Then the Good Fairy came and said:
    ‘Little Bunny Foo Foo
    I don’t wanna see you
    Scoopin’ up the field mice
    Bop ’em on the head!
    I’ll give you 3 chances,
    And if you don’t behave, I will turn you into a goon!”

    We used to have so much fun at story hour, didn’t we? Do you have a Barnes and Noble nearby? Most of them do storytime for all ages once a week. We go at 11am on Wednesdays now.

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