Reeve is getting to the age where he can actually watch things.

He follows voices and knows to watch the field when Daddy is playing.

It’s fun to watch his little brain start to focus.

I always worry that his squealing is a distraction to Kirk on the mound as well as the other players, but Kirk reassures me that he doesn’t hear him.



I mean these ears are just ridiculous….




neck wrinkles that are equally cute and stinky….

he drools and dribbles milk into these rolls and when I can actually find them, they stink like sour milk.



and all little boys should own one, if not more, pair of overalls.

These happen to be a size too big and will fit him into the Fall, but are super cute with his sleeveless shirt and camo Hawaiian hat.

and, I warned you, if you aren’t just so sick of CUTE then this picture below will seal the deal….



I do believe in that picture he was flirting with an older lady behind us….or staring at PPJ

I can’t wait until next summer when he’s old enough to go out onto the field after games and run the bases and pretend to slide into home and maybe a “GO Daddy” cheer here and there.

THe only thing I am not looking forward to is when he starts to want to climb those metal bleachers. I am terrified when kids do that that they will fall between them and knock out their teeth or break a bone.

Hopefully, by the time he is old enough to be able to do that we will be at HIS games and less of Kirk’s.



One thought on “Cute.overload

  1. Don’t be terrified – Luke fell on them like every single game. He didn’t break a thing. Boys are crazy – climbers, loud, rowdy and when they fall it looks just as crazy but usually it’s a minor scrap. Your heart will stop though every time. But the boy will be just fine. 🙂
    And he is CUTE!

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