Not a lot going on here this week. Kirk is out of town M-F so I am just trying to make each day pass quickly, get some sleep and looking forward to Friday when Kirk returns to us.

And then Sunday, when my parents arrive.

It’s been the Summer of Visitors, that’s for sure. We’ve had several and are so lucky to have had family, friends and others stay with us.

Kirk’s parents just left this morning after being here in Colorado for about 3 weeks. They haul their camper and stay at different State Parks near us. It makes me happy for Reeve to get to see them for those weeks, I worry about not having family living close by, but it’s okay-er if we keep getting all of these visitors.

Bye, Granny & Poppy. Thanks for helping around the house, cooking, and for the shopping trip yesterday…can’t wait to see Reeve in those adorable Camoflauge pants and Monkey-Butt pants.

Have a safe trip home and we’ll see you in November for some TURKEY!!! (and don’t forget to make me a pecan pie and stuffing….yum yum!)


2 thoughts on “bye.bye

  1. Thank you for recording such lovely thoughts. We are honored to be your in-laws and privileged to spend such special time with you and Reeve and Kirk. Take care of yourself! No more falling down stairs!!!

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