I had this sudden realization that I see less and less of Kirk’s serious, calm demeanor in you and more and more if my….well….my….um, BIG personality.

And I’m terrified!

Suddenly, it’s as though you are the class clown and will stop nothing short of a knock knock joke to get a reaction out of anyone.

I hadn’t really stopped to think out the fact that when you and I are upstairs alone for 8 hours at a time and you starting whooping and hollering and I mimic you a little louder and then our conversations go from whoop to WHOOP WHOOP and before I know it we are having a full on shout fest.

So, as I was at a friends’ house photographing their teeny, tiny newborn and left you downstairs with her husband while we tried to get some mother/daughter shots, all I could hear was WHOOP, Squeal, OwwwWOWOW, woooo hoooo, Heyayayayaaaaa, YOWWWWW and other sounds coming from you.

That poor husband probably thought, “what the hell, is this kid okay?”

Part of me was feeling sorry for him b/c I could just image him down there thinking something was wrong and part of me was loving it that you have found your voice and that you want to speak so badly.

I just know you are going to be a silly, demanding little guy who is not going to have a problem vocalizing what you want out of this life.


I just hope that you can find the calm too.

I took a break in typing this to take a shower and you were 5 feet from the shower door where you could very clearly see me and you laughed and giggled and cooed the whole time.

No matter what, you are a sweet and funny little guy. You little body is so big compared to our neighbor babies and friends’ kids. If you voice is half as big as you shell, we are in trouble.



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