This was Reeve’s first baseball hat.

It’s from GAP and was so tight on him when we went to the Rockies game last week that it left red indentations in his head.

I just am not ready for him to get as big as he is as fast as he is.


So, I got into his baseball hat drawer (yes, he has a whole drawer full of baseball hats…and another full of cute ones) and first tried on his Atlanta Braves hat…too big….

and then saw the crimson and blue from the back of the drawer.

Perfect fit!


Well, it’s a little big….

but, oh my god…isn’t it cute!


He wore it to Daddy’s baseball game. It was Kirk’s first game in over a month b/c he hurt himself about that long ago.

Reeve was great as usual at the game. He flirted with all the grandmas and girlfriends in the stands.

And did some chewing on his toes.

We headed out i the 7th inning when it started to rain.

Kirk pitched great for taking a month off and even batted. He usually doesn’t bat b/c he throws left-handed and bats right, so batting exposes his pitching arm…or something…I dunno.

I just wished he batted every game b/c it makes it more exciting for me to watch.


Reeve is getting so big that even his legs are outgrowing his carseat. The reason this concerns me is b/c this is the longest carseat model on the market….if he keeps growing like this, I am worried he will be out of it too soon. His legs already touch the seat behind him.

It seems the only way he’s really comfortable in the thing is with his legs splayed out the sides.

(and he always loves to chew on this super soft, snuggly bib from my friend Jackie. It’s part drool bib, part snuggly)


Aw, my big boy.

It’s going too fast. Looking at this picture I can just imagine him playing tee ball then big boy ball.


I love this look on his face. It’s so serious and he is NEVER serious.

He’s the most giggly, squeaky, squealy little thing. His tongue is always sticking out at his and he will make himself giggle over and over until you laugh back at him.

Turns out he has this look on his face b/c of the oh-s0-serious poop he was working on that made it’s way out just in time for him to scream the whole 15 minute ride home.




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