This weekend we spent 3 days at the pool.

It’s so much fun for us to take you and get you used to the water. Though you aren’t quite sure what you think of it just yet, we are hoping that we are building the foundation for a little water baby.

You only stay in the actual pool for about 10 minutes at a time, but this seems to be enough. Your first pool trip was at about 2 months and now, at 4 months, you kick and no longer fuss when we put you in.

Here you are with your goofy hat on. I like that this hat keeps your head from getting burnt, but I don’t like that it falls over your eyes all of the time. You head is just so tiny.


Daddy changed you out of your wet diaper and got you dressed while Mommy gossiped with some neighbor ladies.

That’s one thing that is so great about our pool, there is always at least one neighbor up there willing to help if we need it.


Here you are on Day 2 at the pool. We had noticed the day before that, when wet, your diaper (they don’t make Swim Diapers small enough for you) was weighing down your pants and pulling them off.

I had bought this “french swim suit” as Kirk calls it earlier in the season and it worked a lot better…

At the Pool Party for our little neighbor girl who turned 3, you kind of just laid around for the first 2 hours


The men stood around and talked about yards and HOA fees and work and all that stuff men talk about.


You and I headed into the Zero Gravity pool and kicked and splashed and worked on your back stroke for the 2028 Summer Olympics.


Later that night, we went up to the Sundial House at the top of the hill and listened to the Country Music Concert.

We love it up there and are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous community.

We came home, put you in your jammies and you ROCKED it in your sleep.


****turns out you can really get a good nights sleep if you turn the volume off on the Baby Monitor. Ooops. I heard you cry once at about 4am (that was a 7 hour stretch in) and then not any more. It’s a good way to teach your baby to cry themselves back to sleep I guess. 🙂

Lastly, today I enjoyed my FAVORITE of the 3 days at the pool.

Today, I enjoyed a little Mommy Time with Kelsi poolside.

A glorious 2 hours alone with the sun, mountain views and SILENCE.

Reeve stayed home with Kirk and Kelsi and I gossiped and just enjoyed watching other peoples’ kids making messes and screaming…



I am now 50 Shades of Red….

and it’s worth EVERY single one of them…


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