I now have the answer to the question “what’s the hardest thing about being a mom?”



Seriously, this was the mess I came home to after driving in circles for an hour to try to get Reeve to take a nap today.

As if it wasn’t hard enough that he screamed ALL morning (teeth can be seen in the lower gums) and he would’t nap (despite 4 efforts to lay him down after he fell asleep), I came home to that.

When I walked in the door and smelled the urine, saw the puddle then saw the couch cushions, I started to bawl.

How am I going to clean all of this up AND hold Reeve who won’t stop screaming?

I put him in the Baby Bjorn, wet a towel to clean up the floor and he started screaming even harder.

I went outside, sat on the front porch and started crying.

My sweet, dear neighbor, Melissa, came to the rescue. Mind you, her foot is in a cast and the Cableman was at her house….she came running over when she saw me. She hugged me and went inside and cleaned it all up. Her young daughter, Isabella, entertained Reeve.

I feel so bad that someone else cleaned up my dog’s piss…..

how lucky am I to have a neighbor like her? She gets it…

sometimes you just can’t do it all.

sometimes you have to ask for help.

sometimes, if you are me, you don’t know how to ask for help.

but, sometimes, when you REALLY need it and you can’t find the words, your “people” step in….and they fix it.

Where was Kirk in all of this? Oh, at his weekly baseball game. But don’t worry, I called him in tears and he came rushing home. He walked in the door to find Melissa (who had just cleaned up my dog’s piss) now holding our screaming son while I just tried to breathe…deep, calming, relaxing breaths.

What about Reeve?

Well, he finally took a nap.



and then ANOTHER one an hour later during our 3-mile walk….


and, God knows what he’s doing, doesn’t He?

It’s pretty damn hard to stay mad when you have this little guy with those long lashes, red lips and sweet, sweet cheeks.

What’s a little dog piss?



2 thoughts on “Hard.to.stay.mad

  1. awww! i’m so sorry you had such a crappy situation on your hands (and sofa…wait, that’d be a pissy situation), but what a beautiful image of God’s great timing and provision! as much as i hate the chaotic situation you describe (for you), i love the image of the craziness and your despair and God and your wonderful neighbors stepping in like they did.
    love this post! thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s okay…Hannah was just scared of the thunder, but it didn’t make it easier. It was just “one of those days” and this just made it worse. Kirk never really understood the need for neighbors, but this was just one of the reasons I love where we live. I still remember being 30-some weeks pregnant and he was out of town for work and I walked outside to see 3 neighbors shoveling my driveway. I am really lucky to have them!

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