After 2 nights in a row of less-than-good sleeping, you redeemed yourself last night.

We made some slight tweaks to your routine and are going to give it at least 3 more nights before we decide if it’s a fluke or not.

We widened your wedge, bound your arms down tight and you slept from 9PM to 8AM….

Because, as I have mentioned before, the first rule of Sleep Club is that you never talk about Sleep Club, we are just going to let you do the math yourself on the number of hours that was b/c we NEVER put a number on it.

This is how I found you when I went into your room this morning.

A smile on your well-rested face.


My God, you are my favorite part of each morning.

This face is better than brushing my teeth after a long night, showering for the first time in 3 days or even my breakfast muffin & smoothie.


and I leave you with a Revenge Poem from a baby about being swaddled found here.

Where Are My Hands??!!??

I had hands.
I know I did.
I was born with them.
They were there this morning.
What have you done with them?!!??
For that matter, where are my arms?
Last thing I remember,
you lay me on a blanket
and just kept
and twisting
and tucking
and tightening
and then
I had no hands.
Or arms.
Come to think of it, can’t really see my legs or feet either.
And what exactly do you expect me to do in this position?
It’s not really conducive to anything except lying here.
What if I just fall asleep like this?
You’d like that, wouldn’t you?
Have this little limbless body fall asleep
so you wouldn’t have to think
about my needs and attending to them.
You might as well have gotten yourself a houseplant.
Or a throw pillow.
Or a pet rock.
Whatever. Fine.
I’ll sleep.
But only because
trying to do anything else


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