The truth is…you don’t get a lot of baths.

Two a week is pretty “norm” for this home. In Colorado, especially THIS hot summer with wildfires aplenty, it’s SO dry that if we give you more than 2 a week, your skin and Cradle Cap is just horrible.

Sunday nights are ALWAYS bath night for you. W

e typically give you your bath around 8PM and enjoy having you “naked” in the half hour beforehand. We play in your room….Mommy reads you books and you stare wide-eyed at the puppies, tractors, trees….Daddy laughs at Mommy….Hannah lies on the blue rug panting nervously just waiting for you to drop your stuffed Huggy Toys so she can run off with them.

Usually, we end up with about 10 Instagram pics of you rolling around doing funny things and 1-2 videos of you squealing and “talking” and laughing at us. I spend quite a bit of time kissing you on the birthmark on your left ribcage and daddy plays with your toes. 20120716-081825.jpg

WHOA, Baby…check out how full your diaper is in the picture below.

We definitely got our money’s worth on that one.

20120716-081834.jpg 20120716-081840.jpg

I still love your grown man ears.


I don’t have any pictures of you IN the bathtub for some reason, but you LOVE it in there.

I know when you are a bit older and can sit up versus lying in the contraption that keeps you safe, you will just kick and squeal and splash…. now, we just get you in there, clean and out as quickly as possible then wrap you up in your froggie robe. It makes me giggle every time.


I slather lotion all over you and daddy gets your dressed in your night night onesie…. 20120716-081902.jpg

and Hannah watches your every move… 20120716-081907.jpg

and most nights, you go to bed pretty soon after and sleep REALLY well….. ahem…. however, the past 3 nights have not been your best, Reeve.

You get an F for the past 3 nights.

I am not sure what changed, but I am thinking it’s the Wedge pillow which you HATE and wake up fighting versus just kind of kicking around until you fall back to sleep on your own. I took the Wedge out last night at 2am when you woke up and you did much better without it. Either way, I don’t mind (too much) getting up with you b/c you just snuggle and love on me…

You are taking your morning nap as I write this and tooting up a little storm while you clutch your foot in your hand….


We have got some stuff to work on this week.

Mostly, our “routine.”

I have been pretty laid back with your routine up until now, but then again, you were so tiny it felt silly to think a routine was even something you needed.

Now, we are nailing down the nap times that you naturally take at 11AM, 3PM, and 6PM then down for the night at 9PM….which might seem late to some of you, but then you are sleeping in until 8am or so and I don’t see the point in your day starting at 5am like some of my friends’ kids..


Your naps are mostly taken in the same Woombie swaddle that you sleep in so you can get used to that too. We use the Convertible swaddle with a  receiving blanket inside to really bind your arms down….

…eh….so far it’s going okay….

but I am convinced with consistency we will get it all nailed!

For now, I just want to leave you with this interesting article I read that sounds like something I wish I had written myself. It’s called “10 Mistakes I Hope my Girls Make” and I think it’s really fun to think forward 15 or so years and think about the kind of “man” Reeve will be. I hope he makes these same mistakes….with hopes that he waits on Number One….if he gets a Tattoo, I want him to take me with him so I can make sure it’s something powerful and meaningful and not a Fraternity symbol, girls name or Chinese symbol.



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