“someone” was really missing “someone”

Ahem….Kirk REALLY missed Reeve. He hasn’t really left him alone since he got home.

That means I have showered and done 2 photo shoots.


Hannah won’t leave anyone alone…

I am super annoyed with her lately. She shakes and wiggles and pants and does everything she can to wake Reeve up. I know she is just jealous and curious, but she is ALWAYS right up in my business with her awful breathe.


Kirk’s parents are in town from Florida and I came up with a perfect little project for Kirk’s Dad (Poppy) to complete.

I decided Reeve was ready for an Exersaucer and found one I liked at Target. No blink lights, not a lot of silly zoo animals and colors that coordinated with our furniture….I know, I know…

I thought, “This looks easy, I’ll just put it together really quickly while Reeve is napping”
I opened the box, saw this instruction manual and said, “Spaceship” out loud and put it back in the box.

That’s when I decided it was a great job for Kirk’s dad….





Reeve’s feet just barely skim the jump pad, but it keeps him distracted for anywhere from 3-20 minutes so I am all about it right now.


His body is also too tiny for the seat so we have to prop a pillow or some blankets behind him, and he just kind of slouches forward onto the tray, but he’s somewhat fascinated with the monkey that spins and when his toes DO touch he’s pretty happy.




He’s so damn cute.


Now, if only he would go back to sleeping as well as he used to and if only Kirk would quit snoring..

in a perfect world, right?


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