Reeve is going through a “thing” right now. We spend most days like this….   he doesn’t like being laid down a whole lot right now. He can’t seem to understand that other people love him. Not sure if it’s appropriate to expect independence from a 3.5 month old, but I am wishing that he would adopt a little of the streak of independence I have right now. But, he’s just still a tiny little guy…. so guess what that means? That means I hold him all day. I try to let Kirk hold him and when he cries, I hold him again. And I kiss his little head and he snuggles into my chest and it’s exactly where he needs to be




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  1. My daughter Amya loved to be held the same way. She became kind of an additional body part there for a bit. Now that I’m done having kids I sure do miss holding her like that. It gives me the “baby blues”.

    • I know, Mandy, that’s why I just do it. Some people warn me that it will make them “spoiled” or “needy,” but I just figure that there is NO way in hell I am going to deny my BABY anything he wants at this point. His most BASIC need is love from me at this point, what am I going to do, teach him a lesson?

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