Reeve, last night was 2nd only to the night we brought you home from the hospital.

You are 3.5 months old and having a hard time keeping your arms in the swaddle and are about to roll over. This has me afraid you will suffocate yourself, so I thought we would be proactive and start working on the Arms Out approach sooner rather than later.


You went down for the night at 9:30 and woke up at 11:00…and again at 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00am.

Finally, I strapped your cold little arms back down and you were out until 9am.

It was awful!

The period for 3-4 am was the worst. I tried to let you just cry it out like they tell you to do, but it broke my heart.

After about 20 minutes, you weren’t letting up so I had to go in and cuddle you and just wrap your arms up.

In the midst of all of your screaming, I was having some CRAZY dreams!!! Literally, my whole childhood neighborhood was on fire. Swede Davis (who passed years ago), Frank, the Kimseys…all of those homes were on fire and we were rushing around with a garden hose trying to put them out before it got to ours. We were hurriedly loading our cars with photo albums and other important stuff. In the meantime, Josh Turner (the country music star) and I had fallen in love and he was trying to get me to run away with him. Then, my next dream was a little Harry Potter meets Superman. There were alternate levels and Tom Selleck was my father who was commenting the whole time on the cake I was frosting while Darcie (my childhood dance instructor) was putting pictures in a photo album and I was pissed none of them were of me. It was crazy and I can remember EVERY detail down to what I wore, the sprinkles on the cake…..

So, today I am going to research a swaddling technique with a cotton gauze blankie and buy some sleep wedges so that you can’t roll onto your tummy. But, boy oh boy….last night was rough.

this was how I found you this morning after I finally swaddled you around 4am…

you just can’t your damn hands inside…one of these days, like on a gator boat in the swamps of Florida, that might just cost you a hand, Little Man.


Reeve, you are now awake and next to me happily squealing away.

I guess that’s all that really matters.

I don’t need the solid 9+ hours of sleep I am used to you getting as long as you wake up happy. ;


2 thoughts on “Desperately.Seeking.Sleep

  1. I took a pillow case and rolled up blankets and stuffed them on each side to keep E all snuggled up and also so she wouldn’t roll over. Worked real good up until just a couple of weeks ago. I’ve since removed them but it did save me from buying anything else. Good luck!

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