I have found that I am extremely crafty, yet have a tendency (as I do with a lot of things in my life) to just dive right in without reading the instructions.

(Kirk would agree)

So, for my first venture using RIT dye, I skimmed the instructions on the box and a few websites to make the needed adjustments for a front loading washing machine.

Then…. I ventured into the scary laundry room. I hate that room. Really…I do. I hate doing laundry. I don’t separate colors (don’t buy things that need to be separated) and I have a bad habit of forgetting what I washed and not drying it thus resulting in having to wash it again…and maybe again again…before drying it. Then it sits in a laundry basket for a day or two…or three….getting all wrinkled before I decide to fold it, at which point, I might have to run a few items back through the dryer to get the wrinkles out.

Let me preface this with the fact that my mom would be ashamed of me…she LOVES doing laundry. I don’t get that. I just don’t. I try to be a good housewife and do Kirk’s laundry, and I do about once a week, but it’s just not my skill. My house is CLEAN…very….i dust often….i scrub baseboards and LOVE to clorox the bathtub and clean the bathroom. I have my things I am good at cleaning, clothes just aren’t one of them. I mean, check out the HUGE bucket of cleaning supplies on the counter. I love me some wipes and dusting thingies and windex…I LOVE a clean house…. I just hate laundry. So, this room isn’t used as much as it should be considering it’s a wonderfully lovely laundry room.


Step one was getting the supplies ready. For $6.00 at Joann’s using a 40% off coupon and finding sale fabric, I was ready to go. They didn’t have white cotton gauze, so this muslin color will work.


I wet the fabric thoroughly in the utility sink, got all the crinkles out and transferred it to the machine. 20120703-141636.jpg

Per the box of RIT dye, you dilute the packet of dye with 4 cups of HOT water. Easy enough. 20120703-141640.jpg

It was like making jello…


I then had to figure out an easy way to transfer the mixture into the Washing Machine’s dispenser. I carefully poured it from the glass bowl into the Pyrex measure cup with a lip…


Then….we….had….a….problem upon pouring from the pyrex measuring cup into the dispenser i somehow spilled onto my floor! and my feet!


I grabbed a black towel which was in the room and wiped it up as quickly as possible. Thank GOD, my floors are ceramic tile and not linoleum or it would have stained the tile; however, the grout lines were splattered…

as were my size ELEVEN WIDE feet!


I made sure to clean the dispenser out as much as possible using more hot water and that black towel to wipe it all out. Easiest part of the job, if you ask me.


Now, to the tile grout. Shit, Kirk wouldn’t really care, but I don’t like messes or mistakes or ruining the floor I spent a crap ton of money on 20120703-141709.jpg

First, I tried a 3 parts to 1 part baking soda & water mixture spread on with Q-tips. I let it sit for about 20 minus, scrubbed with more Q-tips and wiped it off with a towel.


it worked okay but I am a perfectionist… next, I used a stain remover for fabrics and let it sit for another 10 or so minutes before scrubbing again…. TaDA!!!!


NOW…. back to the project.

It turned out awesome!

The blanket is the perfect color…I love it so much more than the ones at the store for $34.99 with puppies and monkeys..

The edges need hemmed and I have a wonderful neighbor who is going to do it for me…

Here is the boy in his swaddle.




Here is is after a nap…

I came home from the gym and he and daddy were napping on the bed together.

He wasn’t all the way swaddled, so the picture below is not him busting out of it, but him just chilling!



looks great, SUPER cheap….unique color…

I think I will be making these in reds, pinks and all sort of girly colors for a few baby showers I have coming up.

After making this, it blows my mind that some brands charge $15/blanket. I can’t seem to see the difference at all between the ones in the store and this one.

Now, after allllllll that work, we just need to learn how to swaddle him the good old fashioned way versus the sacks with wings we have been using.

Youtube here we come!!!


2 thoughts on “a.dye.job

  1. Girl I am with you on the laundry! I don’t know how many times I have woke up in the morning and thought – “Shit! I left that load of clothes in the washer.” So I’ll start the washer back up and have every intention of coming home on my plan period to put them in the drier. Well, no shocker, here, Adam will call me when he gets up at about 2 and ask why I left clothes in the washer again. Yesterday was an improvement, though. I put the clothes in the drier, put it on the right setting, then Adam came and asked me why I didn’t start the dryer. Crap!

    Love the blanket you made! You’re so crafty!

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