Reeve took his 6th flight on Monday and we flew to Kansas for the week. Kirk had to fly to Vermont for work and we didn’t want to sit home alone, so it seemed the perfect excuse to go see everyone. It’s really easy to fly home to Kansas, it’s a 1-hour flight and just long enough that Reeve either takes a great nap or is alert and happy. Kirk has about 12 trips for work coming in the next few months, so I am hoping to get another chance soon to go home. I wish he could go with us, but he’s so busy that we are having a hard time finding time to get away together anywhere as a family….thank goodness Hawaii is in less than 4 months. So, we flew into Kansas and my parents picked me up and took us to Lawrence to see my brother and his family. We met them down on Mass Street and ate at one of my favorites, Ingredient.

This is my sister-in-law, Connie, holding MY boy and then HER boys hopping in b/c there was a little bit of jealousy.


It was steaming hot the the whole time I was there, so we moved on back to Ryan’s house where Reeve got some love from my mom and Connie again.


That night, my best friend Whitney and her husband and 2 youngest boys came over for some Pork Butt (ha ha) that my brother smoked on his big green egg thing.

This is Addison, we are all in love with him. He was doing THe Scoot across the floor


Reeve got a little more love from Whitney..


The next morning, Connie, Whitney and I went on a neighborhood walk.

See, Whitney is moving into my brother’s neighborhood. They are building a house not even 3 blocks away!

Kirk won’t move back to Kansas; otherwise, I would be building a big old home in that hood too!

This is my youngest nephew, Will, on our walk. IT WAS HOT!!! He wasn’t loving it by mile 2.


Sweet, Sweet Jackson holding Reeve.


Then Erin hopped in for some baby smooching too before she headed down to Key Largo with her Papa to do some Scuba Diving….


Kirk was missing on Reeve pretty badly and kept texting me to send pictures to him.

I sent him this one below and he said, “That looks like a face I would make.”
Um, Kirk….EVERY face he makes looks like one you would make b/c he looks JUST like you.

I think in his heart he knows it, but it feels good when people tell him that so he just plays dumb to keep hearing it.

No one ever tells me he looks like me… 😦


After our walk, we did a little shopping downtown and then had dinner at a yummy restaurant.

Greysen makes me giggle. His voice is so singsongy and he’s really quiet…


a little more love from Cousin Erin..


We ventured into the basement and on to the playmate where Reeve tried on his Crazy 8 hat from Uncle Ryan and AUnt Connie. It’s a little big right now, but will fit by the end of the summer with it’s matching shorts.


Reeve attempted to play with this big squooshy ball, but it made me nervous that it would pop and the gel would get in his mouth.


Cousin Will laid down next to you on the playmate (a little jealous) to play..you were both so squirmy and wiggly I couldn’t snap a decent shot.


On Wednesday, we headed up to Wathena (stopping at the jewelry store in Atchison along the way) to see DL and PPJ. Will packed his backpack and told me HE was a baby TOO….he even had his old pacifier to prove it


We had PPJ fill a kiddie pool and Reeve wore an old pair of either Jack or Will’s Spiderman swim trunks.

Even though it was 100+ degrees, the water was ICE cold and we only dipped Reeve’s toes in it.


We stripped him down and tried to stimulate him with some play time in the Shakey-Chair-Thing. The giraffe is battery-operated and moves it’s neck from side to side. It sings the MOST annoying song in the world and was good to distract Reeve for about 2 minutes


This was my Baby Doll when I was a little girl. It’s SUPER creepy now, but I loved it when I was little. It’s outfit has a snap-open flap on the butt and the doll has a butt crack that I used to be obsessed with.

Not sure why I put this picture on here, but I think it’s sweet my mom keeps it on my bed in my old bedroom.


Of course, the next morning DL gave you a bath.

DL always gives her boys baths…she likes clean boys!




Your first Light Saber…You were fascinated with the bright light and would track it back and forth.

It stayed in Wathena….Will wanted the Candy inside of it.


On our trip home, you were great at taking naps…

Don Linny took one with you.


You watched some old movies with Papa Jim


Played with a LOT of toys. The flower is your favorite b/c it’s easiest to grab. You also love the orange ball and were fascinated each time we stuck the stacking rings on your ankles…


oops, another nap with Don Linny.


We came home Friday and someone was very happy to see (and sniff) you.


Daddy was happy to see you too and gave you LOTS of smooches!

He took this picture of you in your Gangsta onesie and hat!

(note that only ONE snap on your onesie is fastened…guess who changed that diaper?)


It was a great trip home and we hope to go back again the first part of August when Kirk has to travel next.


2 thoughts on “Kansas.Recap

  1. Love all the pictures you manage to snap without me even realizing you are getting such gems. You have such a good eye. Love how Reeve has his legs crossed, chilling with PPJ.

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