Aside from the fact that it is blazing hot outside, we are staying in most of this weekend to work on your napping. I don’t care when you nap, it doesn’t need to be on a schedule, but it does need to be for more than 20 minutes at a time. Nap #1 for the day (well, it’s actually 5 or 6 if you count the times that stupid fu*king Hannah woke you up) is going into it’s 50th minute. I am also hoping that by napping without being swaddled, we can more easily make the transition next week when we start trying it. One thing at a time, okay. 20120701-140944.jpg You are pretty cute when you nap. Daddy thought I posed you like this. I did not. 20120701-140949.jpg Last night you only slept 4 hours b/c your arm had snuck out of your swaddle AGAIN and woken you up. NOT cool!!! Minute 51 and you woke up….I am okay with that.


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