Picking the question that I was most reluctant to answer was HARD!

I love each question and intend to devote a full post to each, but I am especially dreading answering two questions in particular.

1. Stephanie’s about sex!?!?!  Yikes! I am okay to talk about sex and, yes, we can talk about it on here…what I dread is my answer (because as I am sure you can imagine, it’s a little sad right now….and because my parents will read this). I think Quinn would be ADORABLE in the KU leg warmers….


2. Kim’s about cloth diapers. Double YIKES! I have ZERO interest whatsoever in attempting to use cloth diapers. The thought makes me cringe! Reeve has had some poops lately that resemble warm, runny brownie batter and the idea of having to rinse that down my sink has me a bit nauseated.

BUT….I will talk about both!


So, who is the winner?

Kim, you have challenged me to a place that I don’t know I can go…and I don’t EVER turn down a dare.

I just don’t understand why people use cloth diapers….i don’t particularly mind the expense of disposable diapers and imagine that you have to have at least 10 cloth diapers for one day if you have to change with each pee/poop.


I will consider it. I will spend a good portion of my Monday researching and price comparing and am TOTALLY open to any advice you have for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money to try them out for one week.


I asked Kirk if we should try them and he had the same reaction I did….”WHY!?!?!”

So, congratulations Kim….you are the proud new owner of a pair of KU Baby Legwarmers.

Now, you must send me your address and as soon as Miller wears them a picture for the blog!

That was a lot of fun. I am hoping to get more entries for my next giveaway. I was a little disappointed with the hundred of views yet only 7 questions? 😦

On a side note, we are back in Colorado and everyone slept in late this morning. Reeve is up and chatting away with Daddy while mommy unpacks, starts laundry, cleans bottles and watches my boys playing together.

Here they are…reunited and it feels so good.



11 thoughts on “winner.winner.chicken.dinner

  1. Holy shit balls!! I never win anything. Thank you so much for choosing me!!

    Kim Marshall
    12935 Ridgeview Drive
    Platte City, MO 64079

    In your research keep in mind a few things….there are several type of cloth diapers.
    1. prefolds which require a cover ( super cheap
    2. All in 2’s (ai2’s) an insert and a cover; you replace the insert when needed and continue using the cover (
    3. All in ones (AIO), exactly like a disposable, when soiled it all goes in the laundry pail; most expensive (
    4. pocket diapers; an insert goes into the diaper almost like a maxi-pad; cheaper than AIO’s (

    okay… don’t need to rinse down the sink. They have sprayers that hook to the toilet if you want to rinse ( or if your baby is formula or solids. There are also liners (they look like a paper towel) that you put on the diaper that catches the poop then the liner and the poop go down the toilet. has a great video of that.
    I do laundry every 2 days (you have to use Tide powder because all the brightners and softners in regular detergent will cause the diapers to repel instead of absorb). It’s no big deal.

    I NEVER thought I’d cd but I love it. If you look what’s in disposables (known cancer causing ingredients) not to mention the landfill space it is using……you will never put another disposable on that CUTE CUTE baby.
    Anywho… has a great cloth diapering 101 section. Plan to spend a little bit reading. I promise you will be glad you did. It’s a win/win in my book.

    Also, Baby Center has a great forum for cloth diapers. I read there a lot. Great ladies with lots of experience.

    I’m so excited for you……PLEASE let me know what you think and if you have any questions!!!!

    If you want some pictures of each kind….I have those. I can’t stop buying!!!!

  2. I forgot to add; you can also do a diaper service. They run about $60 a month. They do all the laundry. Drop off at the front door and you leave the dirty ones. They even supply the diapers, covers, wipes, etc.
    The reason people don’t choose this option is because they usually only offer prefolds. No pockets or AIO’s.

    • What is the name of a service? How is that cheap? I can get a months worth of pampers for under $30. Am I missin something?

      • Sorry I should have clarified that is in our area. I’m sure if you Google it for your location you can get all the details.
        It’s not about expense. For me anyway….I just wanted something natural and soft next to him. Something that doesn’t take 500 years to disintegrate in some landfill. I’m not even a “green” person. It’s something I stumbled upon when I was sick of running out to get disposables and I was SHOCKED that they aren’t what I was picturing in my head. They are really neat.

        Remember….you promised to be open minded and you have accepted my challenge. Maybe you will hate the idea. Just passing something good for our babes from one Mom to another.

  3. Jessi – I’m with you on the cloth diapers. I never could have done them. I just don’t have a stomach for bodily fluids. I just wanted to get the diaper off them and into the trash as soon as I could. I know they are better for the environment, but me puking everytime I have to change a dirty diaper is bad for my family. I’ll recycle and use reusable shopping bags, instead!! Kudos to those of you that can do them, though! I’ll rely on you all to save the Earth!!

    • Ok – when I reread that after I posted it, i realized that last sentence sounds a little bitchy. Which I didn’t intend at all 🙂 I more just meant that I didn’t do my part as far as diapers go – so I hope someone else picks up my slack lol!

      • It’s Okay, Tiffany…you didn’t sound bitchy and I am RIGHT there with you on this topic. I am 100% to committed to learning more and POSSIBLY considering cloth diapers, but I am not agreeing to it just yet. Reeve doesn’t seem to mind disposable and hasn’t had any diaper rash, so for now I am okay with disposable….but I open to it. I like the idea of how soft they feel on his bum, but I don’t like the idea of spraying (for lack of a better word) shit down any sink..I like to wrap those velco-straps around a diaper as quickly as possible, pretend it’s now a pretty little package and toss it quickly into a trash can.

      • Not bitchy at all. It’s not for everyone. And it’s more mainstream in some places than others.
        Trust me…you never have to touch the poo. You can spray it down in the toilet…they make a sprayer similar to what your kitchen sink has….it attaches to the toilet and all the poop and poop water goes down with a flush.
        Then to keep the soiled diapers you have a wetbag with a zipper at the bottom so you just unzip and shake into the washer. No touching involved.
        If I can do it anyone can.
        Happy web surfing….

  4. Hi!! I got the KU Legwarmers. They are adorable. Super soft and thick. Love them. Here’s a few pics of Miller modeling…..

    Thanks again!!

    So….what did your research turn up??

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