Reeve is a snuggler. With his blanket, or any soft piece of fabric. NOT so much with me. Sure, he will lie on my sweetly when he is tired or his tummy is full, but he isn’t one to just lie on my chest all warm and snuggly unless he is milk drunk. But he loves himself some soft fabric. 20120629-103831.jpg Here he is at Don Linny’s taking a nap on her bed in his new Tough Cow oneseie (see the turqoise glasses and gold chain on that cow?) CUTE! My mom thought his feet were could and thathe would enjoy some Elmo Socks on his feet and Oscar the Grouch socks on his hands… he just looked at them like they were silly, but I guess they helped him sleep….some more….he’s been alseep for about 12 of the last 13 hours. 20120629-103851.jpg ps…can we talk about the perfect chub on your thighs? I am fairly certain you are having a growth spurt b/c you are eating about 10 times a day. I feel like I am not giving you enough, but I know it’s just that you are growing!!!! I am exhausted! It’s a good thing you sleep so much b/c I need it just as much as you do. When you eat that much during the day, I feel like a PIG! My mind knows I need the food to sustain my energy, but my belly looks back at me and says, “PUT DOWN THAT COOKIE/POTATO CHIPS/TWIZZLER….” eh, who cares? Being a mom to this little stud feels better right now than feeling skinny!


2 thoughts on “Tough.Guy

  1. Jacklyn LOVED soft blankies when she was a baby, too. We had to put her blankie over her sheet or she wouldn’t sleep. Even now, three years later, she cuddles her soft blankie. When she hasn’t had it for a few hours, all the sudden she’ll run upstairs and grab it and just rub her face in it.. SO cute. Do they really have to grow up so fast???

    • I can’t even talk about how fast they grow/change, Tiffany….it makes my heart so sad, but I am also realizing that he is just getting more and more fun and his personality is really coming out!

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