Really?!?!  300 plus views yesterday and only 5 questions?  C’mon people…I made this public b/c so many people told me they wanted to read what I had to say, so have the decency to let me know who you are….and that you are reading this.

Giveaway expires tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm….


i am back in Kansas for the week and am positive I will have some interesting stories after being around my family, but I will save those for next week.

This week, to keep it quick, I am going to do my first giveaway.

To qualify, you have to simply ask me ANYTHING.

I will answer it. I don’t care if it’s bra size or about cellulite or what I look like in the Morning (ha ha… auto text corrected “morning” to “Mormon”…and I am OBSESSED with Mormons….seriously…someday I will blog about that).

Just make it good.

So, the ONLY way to become eligible for the giveaway is to:

1. Follow me by clicking the “follow me” button at the top

2. Asking me the best question you can come up with in a comment

The person with the best question, the one I am most reluctant to answer or find the most challenging will receive a pair of Jayhawk Baby Leg Warmers from this adorable store called Baby Once.

My sister-in-law gave me a pair for Reeve and we are just waiting for college football season so we can wear them AND learn to crawl…….

I know you want a pair for your kids…..i just know it. (and if you aren’t a KU fan, of course you can pick ANY pair from their site….Clemson perhaps? or ruffly?)

Reeve now owns four pair including 3 from Baby Legs (tie dye, striped and baseball) and he wears them with plain white ones is, but oh, if I had a girl she would be in the ruffly, sweet ones every day.

I mean, come on….THESE are precious!

So, o check out their stuff. I have about 4 pair on my Wishlist for Reeve. Since Daddy wears funny socks every day (it’s his thing…he just got a pair for Father’s Day from Reeve with Mustaches on them) it only makes sense that we start buying you Leg Warmers that daddy would wear.

If Daddy wore Leg Warmers, I guess.

Go ahead. follow then ask!!!!!!!


14 thoughts on “Giveaway.and.questions…UPDATE!

  1. How do you feel breastfeeding is going for you so far & how long do you plan on doing it? I’m doing SO much better this go round with Eloise than I did with Harrison. She just got her first tooth and once those chompers come in I’m unsure that I’ll want to keep it up since I wouldn’t want her to bite down and scar me for life. Ouch! I wish I had a better question for you but I’m not that creative. Here’s a good one~ How unbelievably awesome do you think Eloise would look in those leg warmers here in this great state of NE?

  2. What one trait do you hope Reeve inherits from you and which one do you hope he doesn’t? OK, I guess that’s two questions….

  3. Hi! You don’t know me but you know my husband, Roger Marshall. My name is Kim Marshall. You guys are friends on FB. He sees the pics of your guy and told me about your posts. We have a baby, Miller, that just turned 7 months. He told me to look at your blog because he thought we are similar…obsessed with our babies, stay at home Moms, etc. Anyhow, Roger LOVES KU so I think I can challenge you……
    Cloth diapers. Have you ever considered them? I hadn’t. Until I was running to Target all the time (never thought I’d say that). I just googled them one night and I was converted. It’s become an addiction. The colors, the prints, the custom orders. Anyhow, you get the idea. So my challenge to you…..Will you spend 15-30 minutes researching a few websites and letting me know if I’m crazy or I’m a genius?
    A few great websites are:,, If you need more, let me know.
    Laundry is super easy. I love it. We just went on a road trip to Washington, DC and I never used a disposable. I just washed in the hotels every few days.

    I don’t know if those pics worked, but if not I think they will if you copy the address to your browser.
    Let me know what you think and I hope you are challenged….or at least intrigued 🙂
    And damn it I want those Baby Legs!!

  4. Is there anything you wished you would have done while pregnant with Reeve that you didn’t get a chance to do? Or didn’t think of doing until after he was already born?

  5. Since you are a book lover like me, what is the one boo that you are most excited for Reeve to be able to read? One that you will want to read again while he is reading it and then share your thoughts with him. Mine were the Ramona Quimby books, and now that Maddyx has read them, I can’t wait for her to be able to read little Women!!

  6. Dont you think the Mormon’s magic underwear should be flashier? I mean sequens or something? They are magic,they should at least look the part.

    If I win, give the baby leggings to someone who still has babies.

  7. I’m not a mommy yet (hope to still someday), so I don’t have any good questions about baby products. I do, however, love Reeve’s fashion-sense. He must get that from his mommy 🙂 I will have to ask where you get all of those clothes at another time. What do you fear most about being a mother? I ask that because my fear is that I might not get to experience motherhood…which is why I love reading about others’ babies and their experiences. I live vicariously through people like you.

  8. Jessie, how many children do you and Kirk want? Also, how did you know you were ready to start your family? Can we talk about sex on here 🙂 How has your sex life changed since having Reeve?

    • Dad, you could just say (had you won) “Jessie, since Reeve already has that pair, I am going to donate my win to you so Reeve can have a DIFFERENT pair.” But you didn’t win so we won’t worry about that.

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