We are getting better and better at spending Saturday mornings (sometimes Sundays too) in bed. This was taken as we tried to drag ourselves out of bed and head downtown so I could go to Miranda’s rooftop pool bachelorette party and so daddy could watch you while i did so. I was worried the whole time I was away from you (for all of 3 hours) and daddy was a block away at the bookstore with you. Word is that you were GREAT and didn’t fuss once. That makes me happy….plans now include “Mommy Time” each week that might be at the Asian Nail Salon down the street, the 60-minute massage place (where you really only get 50 b/c they talk to you for 10 minutes) or the grocery store. Likely, the grocery store will be the only one I really indulge in. Time by myself at the grocery store would mean I could not only buy what we need, but gossip with the neighbor ladies I run into at the Starbucks who are also enjoying some quiet time away from their families. Last time I was there, I saw TWO neighbors and they each had two drinks and a copy of Glamour in their hands. I was thinking to myself that it’s been a day or two since either of them had any reason to call anything “glamourous” about their lives, but then I went home and wiped shit off of Reeve’s hands and feet and realized I am a far cry from glamourous myself these days. I digress. 20120624-141238.jpg this is Reeve in his robot hat from his Cousin Casey….it’s still way too big, but I keep trying b/c it’s so cute on him. Not that he would need to wear that hat right now since it’s a HUNDRED AND TWO degrees outside. I digress. 20120624-141244.jpg this is Reeve playing with his toes in our bed. He finds himself naked quite often these days. 20120624-141251.jpg Here we are in the basement where it’s at least 20 degrees cooler than anywhere else in the house. I love this Pirate outfit he has on and was laughing at how cute he looked with the hoodie tucked behind his ears…then I went on a rampage about how dusty the bookshelves behind us are and how we haven’t probably cleaned down there since our last round of company left…a month ago. Then, I started thinking about how on my next solo trip to the grocery store (b/c it’s only on those solo trips that I think about cleaning anything, let alone venture down that aisle) I need to buy some of those dusty-thingies. Then I started thinking about how much of a waste those are. 20120624-141257.jpg 20120624-141302.jpg Sunday we practiced sitting up without your head falling over. You get better and better each day. 20120624-141308.jpg then you fell asleep at Daddy’s baseball game..then Daddy hurt himself in the first inning and didn’t play anymore. We were sad for daddy, but HELL YA happy we got to peace out after only 20 minutes b/c it was so hot I couldn’t tell if my boobs were leaking or if I was actually dripping sweat…. you can guess which it was… 20120624-174124.jpg then we went home ad worked on your hand/eye coordination. This picture (below) was clearly taken later in the evening when daddy was home b/c he NEVER fastens all 3 snaps in your crotch???? 20120624-204107.jpg then we had a brief meeting about how you were going to sleep all night b/c we had to get up at 4:30AM to catch a flight to Kansas…. 20120624-204113.jpg and I am sure we will have some interesting stories for you from the Sunflower State… see you tomorrow!!!!


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